5 Years Later: Motion Comic

5 Years Later: Motion Comic[1] is a professionally voice acted and originally scored version of the Ben 10 and Danny Phantom crossover comic series, 5 Years Later.


Without the influence of voices, sounds, musical score, and controlled pacing, the web comic itself can lead a lot open to interpretation. And while there are always benefits to that, the Motion Comic will allow readers to finally see 5YL the way The Ink Tank intended, and have a more accurate representation of each scene as intended when Kuro wrote them. If you want the full experience of the kind of story The Ink Tank want 5YL to be, the Motion Comic is the best way to enjoy the series.[1]

The voice actors for the Danny Phantom universe of characters were revealed on the 31st of October 2021, alongside the release of Chapter 11.

The voice actors for the Ben 10 universe of characters were revealed on the 27th of December 2021.

Voice Actors

Voice Actor Character Universe
Jonah Scott Eon / Divinity Ben 10
Jack Fenton Danny Phantom
Technus Danny Phantom
Nicholas Andrew Louie Cooper Daniels Ben 10
Danny Phantom Danny Phantom
A.J. Beckles Rook Blonko Ben 10
Tucker Foley Danny Phantom
Elsie Lovelock Ember Danny Phantom
Juicy Flannigan Sam Manson Danny Phantom
Daniel Edwards Skulker Danny Phantom
Mick Lauer Clockwork Danny Phantom
Brook Chalmers Vlad Plasmius Danny Phantom
Paxton Lee Ben Tennyson Ben 10
Julisa Lopez Gwen Tennyson Ben 10
Ben Diskin Kevin Levin Ben 10
Xander Mobus Professor Paradox Ben 10
Kellen Goff Dr. Animo Ben 10



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