5 Years later Wiki

Certain guidelines must be followed when using this wiki. These rules are laid out as follows:

Editing Rules

On the 5 Years Later Wiki there are a few rules you need to keep in mind while editing pages.

General Rules

  • Proper English should be used at all times to the best of your ability when editing pages.
  • Abilities should be referred to in simplistic, generalized terms that can be easily understood by anyone unfamiliar with detailed superpower terminology.
  • All content on a given page should be relevant to 5 Years Later or And Beyond.
    • Information such as minor show trivia does not apply to the comic, and so should not be included.
    • Images on pages should only be from artwork created by currently active members of The Ink Tank. Images from Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, ect. are not permitted on articles.
    • Any fan fiction not approved by The Ink Tank should not be included.
    • Statements from crew members of the different series that crossover in 5 Years Later are all considered non-canon unless they're confirmed to be fact for 5 Years Later by The Ink Tank.
  • Page creation should be properly prioritized. Important pages such as Chapters and Main Characters should be worked on before pages like transformations and items.
  • When making a universe page, describe the universe using standalone terminology; don't compare it to another universe.
  • If you erase all content on a page, you will be blocked on this wiki with no warning.
  • Characters from non-canon pages should not be referenced on canon articles.
  • Refrain from filler words where things are phrased a certain way that are not canonically backed up by 5YL.
    • Avoid using words that define limits or abilities not stated in the comic or confirmed by The Ink Tank.
  • No plagiarizing information from other Fandom communities.

Terminology Rules

  • Ben's aliens should be referred to as "transformations" instead of the general term "aliens" to avoid confusion with regular aliens, such as Rook or Zim.
  • The full list of Ben's transformations is referred to as his "arsenal".
  • Abilities natural to an alien's species should be referred to as "abilities", never as "powers", as the term "powers" indicates them possessing abilities not natural to their species.

Page Creation Rules

This is a list of pages that belong on this wiki.

Accepted Pages

  • Characters/Locations/Events/Items existing in 5 Years Later or relevant to it.
  • Chapters/Episodes or other pieces of media belonging to 5 Years Later.
  • Galleries directly connected to already existing pages.
  • Transformations/Characters commissioned to and accepted by the Ink Tank.
  • Other pages requested by the Ink Tank or required to keep the wiki in order.

Rejected Pages

  • Fan created transformations or characters that were not approved by the Ink Tank.
  • Entities not related to 5 Years Later.
  • Transformations that don't have character designs created by the Ink Tank don't need pages.

If you are unsure whether a page is suitable for the wiki ask the Dev Team.

Ben's Arsenal Rules

  • All aliens listed for Ben's Arsenal are canonical transformations in The Omnitrix in 5 Years Later.
  • Do not add Non-Canon Transformations to Ben's Arsenal, non-canonical transformations include:
    • Transformations or alien species from the Ben 10 (2016) reboot.
    • Recent transformations drawn by Ben 10 artists after November 14, 2014.
    • Transformations made by users banned on The Tank discord server.


Anyone may comment on pages and start forum discussions about 5 Years Later. Generally speaking, these discussions are open to just about anything, but there are still some restrictions to be followed:

  • Respect the Staff. The Wiki Dev team is here to keep things in line. Please listen to their instructions.
  • Respect the Community. Harassment of other users is strictly prohibited. Banter is one thing, but direct attacks will not be tolerated.
  • No hate speech.
  • No spam.
  • No porn.

If you break any of the above rules, you are subject to being warned and eventually blocked from the wiki altogether.