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Acidgrime is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Xolbrine from the planet Methanos in 5 Years Later.


Acidgrime with a host body, is a humanoid being covered with a sea-foam green colored algae. He wears a green suit with four black spots, along with two white and one black stripe on the waist of his uniform and silver sleeves. He has one big and two smaller acid sacks (which are actually bulbous organs) on his forearms, with two acid sacks on his shoulders.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

In his skinless form, Acidgrime is lacking his algae and just consists of brown porous organs that produces the algae, with the bulbous organs connected to his body by root-like veins.


  • Organs- Acidgrime is able to throw his organ sacks. The thick sticky membranes of the organs bound to and merge with the object and then, soon after, explode.
  • Algae Generation- Acidgrime's body contains porous organs, which allows him to generate an acidic algae around his body as a host form.
    • Regeneration- The algae on his body is ever-draining and constantly regenerating, which gives him the defensive advantage.
    • Shapeshifting- Acidgrime is able to manipulate the algae on his body into many different shapes.


  • Extreme Temperatures- Heat turns his skin solid which is like trapping him in stone, while cold makes his Slime Sacks stiff and not able to stretch far or be sticky.
  • Organs- The less organs he has, the less algae Acidgrime can generate. Without the algae, the more dehydrated he becomes and the less effective he is in altering his body or setting off detonation attacks.


The Xolbrine are a species that evolved from the various pond scum of the planet into sentient flora. They reside in the swamps and bogs of Methanos, feeding on the native fauna found on the planet by turning their prey into a pure liquid form of a chemical compound known as Ziellphyll for them to digest.




5 Years Later

And Beyond


  • Acidgrime was designed by Kuro way back in 2009 before 5 Years Later was even conceptualized, and was one of the few original creations he decided to bring into 5YL.
  • Acidgrime's icon appeared on the Omnitrix in Chapter 5: Oversight.
  • It is presumed that after every usage, the Omnitrix restores all the organs Acidgrime used to prevent any lasting damage.
  • Acidgrime comes from the same planet as Swampfire.