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"Whoever said that man cannot create God has never paid a visit to this doctor!"
―Aloysius Animo[src]

Doctor Aloysius James Animo, commonly referred to as Dr. Animo, was a villain in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods. He is a Human from the planet Earth in the Ben 10 Universe. He is an old enemy of Ben Tennyson.


Dr. Animo has pale green skin, white hair, and sharp teeth. He wears a purple and black suit with machinery, he wears a helm the covers the top of his head.

After the loss of his arms and legs, he developed a cybernetic system that allows him to replace his lost limbs with organic animal and extraterrestrial body parts.


Dr. Animo can be seen as a stereotypically insane and mad scientist. He is brilliant, yet antisocial, often preferring to be around animals rather than humans. He used to have a habit of making animal plushies and talking to them as if they were living beings. Over time, he has gotten more and more unhinged due to his constant failures.


  • Telepathic Animal Manipulation- Animo has the ability to control animals with his mind.


  • Mutation Tech- Animo can mutate animals into horrifying monsters using technology that he has been developing for years.
  • Replaceable Body Part Implants- Due to his experiments, Animo became able to replace his right forearm, left arm, and legs with animal or alien body parts that he acquired from the black market made into special implants.
  • Shrinking Tech- Animo uses shrinking tech to store all his spare body parts, and transport pieces of The Godmaker to the Keshawn Desert.


  • Mental State- Animo's biggest weaknesses are his temper, arrogance, and all-around crazy behavior.
  • Lack of Implants- If he looses all of his implants attached to his body at once, he'll be practically immobile.



  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 3- 4), In order to get rid of any potential loose ends, Dr. Animo is killed by Eon after retrieving his scarf.



  • Animo was shown in promotional material since Chapter 1 despite not appearing until Chapter 4.