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This page contains commissioned Alternative Omnitrix users that exist in their own respective universe. They are not present in the main story of 5 Years Later.

Jen Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Jennifer Kendra "Jen" Tennyson is an alternative Omnitrix wielder who wields an Ultimatrix, allowing her to not only transform into various alien species, but also allows her to evolve them into their ultimate form. She's rather arrogant and as a result, her universe's Azmuth never deemed her worthy of the final version of the Omnitrix.

Like Ben with Feedback, she had an unhealthy obsession with her transformation Solarstorm. At a younger age compared to most Ben's in the known multiverse, Jen unlocked Clockwork, causing Eon to avoid her believing she's more trouble than she's worth - in an accident relating to Clockwork, Jen accidentally sent her universe's Charmcaster six years into the future.


Kidd Blaster

Kidd Blaster is a young one who snuck off his planet at a young age because he wanted to become the most famous man in the world, only to find himself getting caught up with bounty hunters and mercenaries. Sometime during his tenure as an apprentice mercenary, he decided to completely hide his body from view so he would not be judged for being a child from a backwater planet.

Now orbiting Earth in order to lay low and enjoy a vacation from his “successful” bounty hunting career, Kidd experiences what can only be described as divine intervention, as his ship just so happens to intercept the pod the Omnitrix was housed in. The two crash land on Earth, and Rad-S, Kidd’s Galvanic Mechamorph buddy, hacks the Omnitrix to remove its DNA ID Lock, allowing Kidd to wear it…but this breach in security caused the device to lose its connection to Primus, thus locking Kidd out of all transformations except for the 10 he started with. This fact is lost on the two, who think that they broke it.

Kidd’s goal is to find a way to leave Earth and become the most famous man in the universe, but for now he finds enjoyment in Earth culture, and fancies himself a superhero…

Besides his 10 aliens available to him, Kidd wields a baton and stun pistol that are useful against very weak opponents. In a pinch he can utilize mana to enhance some of his natural abilities, or he can use the Omnitrix like a club. Despite having about 6 years of training, Kidd is a poor learner, and only practices the easiest skills.


  • Kidd did not lose his bi’nthak until after he left his planet, right around the time he arrived in Earth’s orbit. He decided on his name, and subsequently the names of his alien forms, based on all the Earth media he consumed during his time there.
  • The Omnitrix was originally supposed to be sent to the greatest plumber alive in Kidd’s universe, Devin Levin.
  • Kidd’s universe is designated UNUA-527, as a result of it being radically different from Ben Prime’s universe. Kidd is actually good friends with his universe’s Ben Tennyson, who looks up to Kidd as a role model and acts as his sort of sidekick. Ben even contributed to the names of some of Kidd’s aliens!

Jason 13

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Jason Mdluli "Kia" Chikuru, is an alternate Omnitrix wielder who obtained a much improved version of the Omnitrix that he obtained after the ship where it was going suffered a misfire that was caused by Azmuth and that caused it to land outside the house from Jason.. Intended for his Ben 10,000, Azmuth sent Ben to take back the Omnitrix and despite defeating Jason he saw potential in him, reverting Jason's Omnitrix to a almost Pre-Recalibrated state and giving Jason access to 13 transformations and calling him "Jason 13" due to his age. By age 17, he has access to the recalibrated state, 13,000 transformations and the ability to instantly switch through transformations with no timeout, although he still does not have complete access to Master Control.

Jason is incredibly cheerful, not having to go through much trauma in life despite his powers. This however can lead to him underestimating his opponents, but he generally knows when to get serious. He is a natural leader, quickly moving up the ranks of his universe's Plumbers still having a long way to go till Magister.

Azmuth heavily disagrees with Jason wielding the Omnitrix, but trusts Ben enough to keep Jason under his wing.


  • Jason's beanie was gifted to him by Ben, saying he used to have one like it his age.
  • Jason stole The Sword of Ascalon from Azmuth out of spite during their last visit.
  • Jason is sponsored by his universe equivalent of Nike and is an avid basketball player, being on a Division 1 team.
    • In regards to his athleticism, Jason strongly lives by the motto 'Everyday Is Leg Day.'
  • Jason resides on UNUA-0103.
  • In Welsh, Kia means Keeper Of Earth, a title given to him by Ben.

Ben 10finity

Ben 10finity is a composite version of Ben Tennyson created by Kuro the Artist while he was making a point regarding the Ben 10 vs Green-Lantern Death-Battle video. He is designed to be an absurd composite of every iteration of Ben Tennyson, with every ability that any version has ever possessed.

Aside from his Master Control Transformations, he utilizes the Ultimatrix and the Biomnitrix, allowing him to evolve and fuse his transformations. The Sword of Ascalon gives him additional reality-alteration powers, and Skurd can surrogate another transformation's powers. While his Ultra Ben visor is just for looks, the Potis Altiare multiplies all of his powers even further. He also retains his ability to use magic.


This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

In a dark timeline within the Omniverse, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik defeats his universe's Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all and fulfills his dream of world domination. But his "dream", was short-lived, as another evil force rose and without a hero to stop it, Eggman himself was subjugated by a greater threat. He remained imprisoned for years, but they underestimated his physical abilities and he proceeded to escape a prison specifically made to contain him and his great mind.

Free and with a new perspective on life, Eggman went into hiding, venturing to other worlds in order to find powers his foes would have no counter against. After decimating every facility and foe in his path, Eggman confronted the leader of this great evil. During the final battle, Eggman revealed his greatest trump card dubbed the "Egg Timer" a genetic alteration device that allowed him to change his genetic code. Using the device's Mobian form, "Blasthog" and shards of the now destroyed Chaos Emeralds, he finally defeated the great evil.

With the deed done, Eggman removed Blasthog from the device, built a memorial for his old archenemy Sonic, and left his dimension entirely to start a new life. Now known as Omegga, the Wanderer of Worlds, he would travel from across the Omniverse, stopping outside evils from encroaching on unsuspecting worlds or at least that's the story he tells....

His Omnitrix-like device, which possesses unique characteristics uncommon to most Omnimatrix devices. Due to the origin of the device, it does not possess the DNA from the standard Omnitrix database. In addition, the Egg Timer's playlists are sorted into "cartons" of twelve rather than the standard playlist of ten. The Egg Timer also possesses a special battle mode dubbed "Shell Metal" forms, where his transformations acquire special armors based on various Eggman mechs from his past although said Armors where mocked by his daughter leading to them to be scrapped and their tech incorporated in to his Transformations equipment. Another feature of his device is the ability to alter the DNA of stored transformations to Omegga's liking using another stored DNA sample to create a uniquely customized transformation that he has dubbed "Scrambled" forms.


Lost Ben

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

On Ben's 18th birthday, Azmuth refused to grant him access to the Master Control, as he didn't believe Ben was ready. Frustrated with this outcome, Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and figure out his own Master Control. Ben ended up deconstructing the Omnitrix and connected it directly into his brainstem, mimicking the automatic quick-changing features of the Master Control, but at a great cost. When Ben transforms, his brain is altered to match the primal instinct of the species he is using, turning him into a mindless killer with every transformation.

His relentless, primal nature forced Azmuth to hold him captive in a maximum security prison built to contain him. He spent his days reminiscing about all he has lost. After being in prison for so long, he decides to transform into Alien X, but since his transformations have no way of connecting to Ben's mind, doing this is essentially suicide, leaving Bellicus and Serena sitting in Alien X for all of eternity without Ben.

Azmuth has since felt immense regret for what had happened, considering it his biggest failure.

Bishop Tenson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Bishop Tenson worked in the sheriff's department for many years to help maintain law and order. When a local group of bandits were fed up with his meddling, they took him to a mining ravine to eliminate him once and for all. However, a malfunctioning alien craft happened to be flying overhead carrying a gold mine of alien equipment.

One such piece of equipment was an extremely early prototype of the Omnitrix, created by the tinkerer, Azmuth. The malfunctioning ship eventually blew up, spreading alien technology across the wild west. The Omnitrix attached itself to Bishop's arm and accidentally turned into his Pyronite transformation, The Burning Man. His captors were burned alive and he was presumed dead along with them. Their deaths were blamed on a freak TNT accident.

Bishop now wanders the wild west, using the alias, "The Shifting Phantom", to track down all of the missing alien technology, and to enforce the law across the land.

Ellie Chase

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Eleanor "Ellie" Lee Chase is an alternative Omnitrix wielder who wields the Omnitrix's G7 model.

She is from an alternate universe called Dimension-1010 where everything is like the Prime Universe except one major thing, this universe's Ben died when fighting this universe's Vilgax and destroying his black hole generator Vilgax placed on the Earth.

Weeks after that moment, Ellie stumbled upon a plumber base by accident when she was in her local Max's Plumbing store. When trying to escape without being noticed, she went into the armory and found the Omnitrix, which suddenly attached to her. When she was caught by the Plumbers, she managed to escape while trying to figure out the Omnitrix.

After knowing what the Omnitrix is and what it does (the same way Prime Ben figures it out), she then realizes that she was wielding Ben's new Omnitrix before he died. At first, she doesn't want to be a hero, but after dealing with her universe's Dr. Animo, she made a solemn oath that she would fill in the role that Ben made as a superhero, though she did keep her identity a secret.

She was a vigilante until the Plumbers found her and wanted to recruit her to be a deputized agent after seeing her fight villains and helping others which she did accept.


  • Her Omnitrix has twice the transformations Ben has, with 140 transformations and having Master Control at her 18th birthday. She has transformations exclusive to her like Glass Cannon, Archangel, and Chop Shop.
  • She did rename some aliens, however. One example being Benwolf who she named "Subwolfer" instead.
  • Ellie is calm and collected while also being a little introverted, she does have a temper and can be naïve.
  • Her middle name is a nod to the late Stan Lee like how Ben's middle name is a nod to Jack Kirby.

Alex Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

The Azmuth of the Gammaverse created the Omnitrix (Later known as the Gammatrix), but its use as a peaceful, observational device proved to be ineffective. Azmuth was commissioned by the Galvan army to turn the Omnitrix into a weapon, and so he did. He took the Omnitrix and modified it to become more of a weapon, but in order to stop his creation from becoming a weapon of mass destruction, he put gamma radiation into the Codon stream to stop the army from using it for war. This proved to be unsuccessful as it simply mutated the alien DNA instead of taking the DNA away. Azmuth then dubbed it the Irradiated Omnitrix, later known simply as the Gammatrix.

Through unknown means, the Gammatrix's creation reached Vilgax, who led a raid on Galvan Prime and stole it. Albedo, who wanted to make his mentor proud, snuck onto the ship and stole the Gammatrix back. However, when trying to escape, his escape pod was attacked and he was thrown far off-course, eventually causing him to crash land on Earth. He died in the crash, unwilling to use the Gammatrix to save his life beforehand. The Gammatrix is eventually found by Alexander Tennyson and curiously, he puts the Gammatrix on his wrist.

Putting gamma radiation inside the Codon stream means the DNA inside of the Gammatrix now changes the aliens' transformation abilities and physical appearance, with some looking drastically different from what they normally appear in the universe, while others appear more or less unchanged.

Jack Morrison

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

After Azmuth sent the Omnitrix into space an alien named Xylene took it to Earth to find the greatest hero of all time: Max Tennyson. Vilgax followed the Omnitrix there. A space battle was waged and Vilgax destroyed Xylene’s ship with her in it. Just before this however she ejected the Omnitrix into orbit to find Max, but the explosion heavily damaged the Omnitrix which caused debris from it to break off and land far from the actual Omnitrix. It's crash led it to snowy woods in Canada.

An estranged boy, Jack wanders the woods near his home cabin only to find that damaged Omnitrix before him. Intrigued by the celestial object, he grabs it, and for a split second transforms him into what he would later call “Fire Mode”. After this event, Jack takes the watch back to his home's shed and goes to work, spending weeks using various parts found around his place and in a nearby junkyard to slowly but surely repair this alien object, bringing back its basic functions. And after using his towns power grid to kickstart the Omnitrix and its built in battery, it latched itself onto his wrist, bonding to Jack’s DNA, and allowed Jack to once again assume his Pyronite transformation. After a bit of testing his new powers on some trees, Jack hears screams nearby and runs to check it out. Arriving on the scene he finds a group of campers being attached by what seemed like a large bear with light blue crystal skin.

Just as Jack was gonna run away himself, he decided he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t do something to help these people, motivating him enough to hop in the fight and get the bear's attention. Doing the only thing he knew how to do at the time, he shot a fireball at the bear, while not causing obvious damage other then some scorch marks, he seemed disoriented for a moment, so he proceeded to do it again, again, and again, until the bear was overwhelmed by thermal energy and passed out from internal overheating.

After the fight was done and the campers managed to run off, Jack timed out of his transformation and noticed his watch began to beep the closer he got to the passed out bear. And after making contact with it, he bears Petrosapien mutations that were reversed and categorized in Jack’s watch, later dubbed “Crystal Mode.”

Realizing that the watch may have been responsible for this, and that there could be more out there, he preps himself for the journey as he also attempts to improve his junkyard Omnitrix.



  • Jack’s Playlists come in sets of 7 rather than 10, and come with a limited supply for DNA until its functions are improved.
  • Due to his Omnitrix’s damaged nature, Jack’s transformations are incomplete, making them all human/alien hybrids, and coming with their own unique strengths and weaknesses compared to the original species.
  • Though species with physiologies closer to humans will make Jack’s transformation as them more “complete.”
  • Jack is later capable of shifting between transformations, similar to Ben 10 AF, though this drains his power supply much faster than staying in one transformation.
  • Jack is a very happy go lucky and energetic fellow, rarely ever negative and tries to find a positive in his situations. He also has a poutine addiction.
  • While stuff may appear very similar to the prime timeline, some stuff in Jack’s universe, whether small or big can be slightly different. Such as Coca Cola selling Surge Cola instead of Coke, or Devin Levin having a sister.
  • Jack’s family is connected to the Levins due to his uncle John marrying Devins sister, Marriane, though none of them knows of Kevin’s existence.

Isaac Saint

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Isaac Saint is an alternate Omnitrix user who currently wields the improved version of the alien transforming device given to him by Azmuth after proving himself worthy. Originally, the prototype Omnitrix was meant for the greatest plumber in the Milky Way Galaxy, Max Tennyson, but he tragically died one year prior while on duty, and so the watch was sent to the closest plumber available, which happened to be Isaac's grandfather, Lance Saint. He hid the strange alien device for 5 years, but it was eventually found by a curious 10 year old Isaac.

His heroics over the course of the years have brought the attention of both the Plumbers on Earth and The Hero Association, which both tried to convince Isaac into joining them for their own reasons, but to no avail, the young hero and his team preferred to do their own thing, though they do have both plumber badges and hero licenses in case they're needed.

Isaac, despite being full of himself thanks to the fame he got since he was young, is kind natured at heart and shows a knight's wish to protect everyone. He is also very emotional, often letting his feelings cloud his judgement. He has shown great leadership skills in the last years, despite hating the idea at first, thinking he would be terrible at it.

His aliens names are mostly based on famous heroes from his reality or whatever his little brother comes up with, no matter how stupid it sounds.

Crimson Dawn, the sword Isaac holds, belonged to his grandfather in his youth. Isaac took ownership of it after an encounter with his world's version of Vilgax and has proudly wielded it ever since.

Brenda Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Brenda Anne Tennyson was 15 years old when the Omnitrix fell from the sky while she was playing soccer in a park in Bellwood with some of her schoolmates. While checking out the crash site, the Omnitrix latched onto her wrist, and after some mild freaking out, she activated the device, turning her into her first transformation, Gauntbust. After freaking out some more, she was found by her friend Stacy Levin, and after fighting off a robot as her Petrosapian form, Crystalline, the two decided it was for the best to try and learn how the device worked, and if applicable, help protect the people of Bellwood.

Brenda is a generally positive person, being upbeat, outgoing, and confident. She’s very friendly, generally trying to befriend anyone who isn’t an enemy to some degree. Because of this, Brenda is very protective of friends, family, and innocent people, and often stops holding back to any degree if their lives are threatened in any way. She clearly still enjoys helping people, though there are limits to this. Brenda has fought many opponents during her time with the Omnitrix.

Some more notable opponents include Vilgax, who was the one who caused the Omnitrix to crash on Earth in the first place, Zs’Skayr, an ectonurite who came out of her Omnitrix, and Hex, whom was after magical artifacts, including the Charms of Bezel, one of which being held by her cousin, Gwen Tennyson. Along with him was his son, a boy around Brenda’s age who went by Charmcaster. While initially enemies, after an altercation with a powerful mage, who had been sent after the boy, the two started working together, and over time, became much closer.

Like her cousin, Brenda is an Anodite. Discovered during a stressful battle for Brenda, her spark finally activated, allowing her to use Anodite Enhancements, forms which granted transformations magical powers. Brenda initially struggled to learn to control these powers, but overtime, became much more confident, having powerful energy blasts, and the ability to fly in human form, something Gwen struggles with. Despite being an Anodite, she is terrible at magic in general, something that baffles Gwen and Charmcaster.



  • Brenda resides in universe UNUA-6463.

Benedict Tennant

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Benedict Keith “Ben” Tennant wields Ben Tennyson’s Omnitrix that has merged into his prosthetic arm. Right before the events of Grandpa Max’s disappearance leading to the upcoming Highbreed Invasion, Ben was killed in an explosion set off by a DNAlien. The Tennysons ended up moving out of Bellwood shortly after Ben’s death.

Ben Tennant was only fifteen years old when he moved from Brighton, UK to Bellwood, U.S. He ended up moving into the same house that the Tennysons used to live in. Ben soon found the Omnitrix locked away in a secret area of Tennyson’s old closet. Thinking it was a regular watch he put it on and suddenly the Omnitrix started to recalibrate; this recalibration ended up merging with his prosthetic arm. Ben was granted a playlist of ten different aliens he could transform into starting with his first transformation, Outburst.

Azmuth soon learned about Tennyson’s death and proceeded to reclaim the Omnitrix, but Azmuth saw how much the Omnitrix was part of Tennant and later saw potential in him.

Tennant was very afraid of what he was carrying, but then his father told him the truth about him being a Plumber and that his mother being a Forever Knight and finding the Omnitrix was his destiny. After the revelation, Tennant accepted his responsibility and became his own type of hero with the help of Gwen, Kevin, and his girlfriend Eunice to fulfill the legacy that Ben Tennyson left behind.

Luke Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Luke Tennyson AKA Omni, was born to Miles and Elizabeth Tennyson in Northbridge Illinois. However they passed away in a car accident when he was young, he doesn't really remember him. He and his sister, Leia, were instead raised by his Aunt Petra and Uncle Frank. Petra ran a small Cafe in the city, and Frank was a field medic in the army. When Luke was 15 his Uncle was killed in action, Luke now wears his dogtags to remember him by. When Luke finished college, he was walking back home, through a park in the city when a strange pod fell from the sky, the Omnitrix. Upon the pod opening the Omnitrix jumped up and attached itself to Luke, where in which he went through the usual routine of trying to get it off unsuccessfully.

Eventually he activated it, transforming into his first alien; Heatblast. Luke then decided to use his new found abilities to help people, and do some good. Not long after, Luke met more like-minded people, and together they formed a team, The Defenders, with Luke as the leader. The roster of the team has changed over time, with mamy members over the course of its history.

Luke's Omnitrix has gone through 2 recalibrations. The first unlocked the swapping feature, allowing him to change aliens whilst still transformed and traded in the time out for power. The second unlocked the Ultimate feature. Luke's Omnitrix recalibrated a second time after he was, briefly, possessed by Eon.


  • Luke's Universe is UNUA-199999.

Malcolm Luther

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Malcolm Hussein Luther is the commander of the Plumber’s Special Forces team known as the Rooters. While in the unit he excelled with the intention of meeting his goal of being the most effective soldier he could be. He would often go on solo missions to show his skills which would result in him climbing the ranks of the Rooters and getting many decorations. Due to this, the high ups of the Plumbers view him worthy of the new and improved Omnitrix which they codenamed The Codex.

Like its predecessors, the device grants Malcolm the ability to transform into a myriad of other species from across the cosmos. However, it has some bonuses due to being made over a century after the original prototype. The transformations he gets are enhanced due to The Codex using his mutant genetics as the base for his forms.

Coupled with being assigned as the user of The Codex he was assigned as the leader of the Rooter’s top performing members, Alpha Squad. With his squad and his new tool, they handle the more extreme side of the Plumber’s mission which are assigned to them by Proctor Levin who leads the division.

Malcolm, despite having one of the greatest creations in the universe, still often relies on his own personal skill as a human.


  • The names selected are based on prominent African American role models of the creator. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Barack Obama.
  • The universe he hails from is nearly identical to the prime one except for being “out of sync” meaning this world is in the year 2099 while the current [5YL] is in 2017.
    • Malcolm's universe designation is UNUA-2099


This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Xen, unlike other Omnitrix users, is not a wearer of the device, rather is a manifestation of a built in artificial intelligence that uses the DNA samples to interact with their surroundings. This type of Omnitrix, a "Cyto-Omnitrix" is the preferred model for this world's Azmuth, who wanted to emphasize the purpose of the device to "walk a mile in others' shoes" in the most literal way possible.

Azmuth sent the Omnitrix in a random direction in space with the intention that they would live a life as all alien species. It landed on Earth near the Navajo Nation and complied various phenotypes of nearby humans to create a unique DNA sample for a Human form. Since then Xen has quickly learned Human customs and has made their own identity while being the bridge between all sapients.

Xen’s personality is jovial and easy going. They are rather empty-headed at times due to obliviousness rather than sheer stupidity. They're usually depicted as going with the flow, confident or aloof, but well meaning. Sometimes, they gesture with one hand to their Omnitrix passively like one would gesture to their face.

They are an "organic" android with the Omnitrix functioning as a computational center that houses the essence of the A.I. and synchronizes them to the nervous system of the organic body. Because of this, all of Xen's forms are intersex composites of the species, reflecting any sexual dimorphism as a balanced mix. While they have no default form, Xen prefers to be a Human for easier interactions with others or a Galvanic Mechamorph due to them also being Galvan technology. They do not dislike being any species however.

They have access to an equivalent of Master Control, but need to know of a species beforehand or study their DNA pod. Its hardware is capable of scanning esoteric sapient species that might be un-scannable for other models.



  • Xen is non-binary and can be referred to as he, she, or they due to a lack of a preference.
  • Xen's Human form emphasizes the species' skills at long distance running, swimming, climbing and throwing rather than being as muscular as possible, as Humans adapted to perform those traits over sheer musculature.
  • Xen's favorite food as a Human is coffee, drinking it for the taste more than the effects of caffeine. They unknowingly have a slight caffeine addiction.
  • Because the transformation can be fully completed due to no organic default form, Xen's Galvanic Mecahmorph from can retain the blueprints of machines they've bonded to.
  • Xen refers to their forms by their species names.
  • Xen's universe is designated UNUA-600.

Barbara Sevvant

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Barbara Sevvant was 14 years old when she found the Omnitrix. It was originally intended for her mother, Rebecca Sevvant, who had died on a plumber mission a few months prior, but due to their close genetic match, it became bonded to Barbara instead. The Azmuth of her universe, rather than going into hiding, decided to search out for the Omnitrix after discovering that it had gone to the wrong person. However, upon realising the good Barbara had done with his device, he decided to let her keep it, instead training her personally to use the device.

Over the 8 years she had the Omnitrix, she became a proficient fighter, and a respected plumber, eventually becoming a commander within their ranks. She faced many dangerous opponents, such as the ever-persistent Vilgax, the Incursions, Doctor Psychobos and his many ‘Antitrixes’, and Malware. Despite the odds, she would ultimately come out on top in these encounters. However, things changed when Barbara was 22.

Vilgax had returned, and was not only packing his usual gear, but also his very own Antitrix, developed to match Barbara’s in power. The battle was intense, with major damage being dealt to the city. However, eventually the battle ended with a major explosion, of which, only the Omnitrix itself was left, with no sign of Barbara or Vilgax to be seen. Despite the grief, Azmuth took back the Omnitrix to examine it. Through investigation, he and his assistant, Albedo, found that Barbara’s consciousness had somehow been transferred into the Omnitrix itself. In an attempt to revive her, the two Galvan modified a retaliator armour, making it able to interface with the Omnitrix. When the watch was placed in the armour, it initially seemed to short out, however, it eventually started shifting into a form similar to her human form, before she regained consciousness. Left with fuzzy memories of the battle that had ‘killed’ her, Barbara was left to discover what had happened, and what had happened to her world while she was gone.


  • Barbara was ‘dead’ for about a month but was away from Earth longer due to Azmuth wanting her to get used to her new body before going out.
  • Due to her new genetic makeup, Barbara’s forms have a degree of ‘Mechamorph Corruption’, causing her transformations to remain partly Mechamorph.
  • Using a weapons system in the armour, Barbara can create weapons out of DNA from the Omnitrix. Examples include the ‘Chroma-Saber’, ‘Portaler Gun’ and her most powerful weapon, the ‘Celestial Buster’.
  • Similar to other Mechamorphs, Barbara has what sounds like a robotic filter on her voice, which due to her serious nature, is often accentuated. This bothers her heavily.

November Wagner

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

November Wagner was born in Omnitrix City to Diane and Marshall Wagner. November is a technopath and has various devices that she has made in her room. Her father, Marshall, was one of the greatest Plumbers in the known galaxy. Every night before bed he would tell November stories about his missions and one particular that he looked up to, Ben 10.

One night when November was 12 years of age, she saw a news broadcast that stated that Ben 10 and his team had died on a mission to stop a cult from resurrecting a powerful being that would attempt to rewrite the universe. Among Ben's team was November's father, Marshall. From that day forward November made a vow to honor her father by training to become one of the greatest Plumbers to ever exist.

Flash forward to when November is 23 and currently she still lives with her mother and works at the Bauman's store chain. She couldn't become a plumber due to the fact that her father made the organization swear that they would never let her join so that she wouldn't end up dead like him.

One fateful night while going out on a walk through the woods, November finds a crater with some sort of strange object in the center. She gets close, and the container opens up to reveal an Ultimatrix that has a red dial with red tubes along the sides. But once it bonds with November, it becomes gold just like the color of her eyes. The next day, she goes out to find her childhood friend Pax Crasher, a Planchakule. Both fiddle with the device and find out a few secrets like the fact it can generate a force field, repair DNA, and evolve transformations. With the knowledge that they have, both November and Pax decide to form a team to fight crime on Earth and throughout the galaxy. Later on, the duo recruit their former classmate Petra Lomoose, a female Tetramand with the ability to use magic and someone that November has had a major crush on for the longest time. They would also recruit Astra Quasar, a Galiean who loves cooking and adventure. With the team established, the four will fight crime with November as their leader. But November may soon find out that she may be in over her head.

She works out everyday since she was 13 and is a power lifter. She also does mixed martial arts so that she can defend herself. November loves animals, tinkering/learning about technology, anime, and trying new things. She is calm, kind, and very willing to help others.


Jayden Copeland

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Jayden Essam “Jay” Copeland obtained his Omnitrix during an invasion on Galvan Prime lead by Vilgax. Azmuth escaped to deliver the Omnitrix to Earth only to for his ship to be boarded by Vilgax. During their battle, Jayden found himself attached to the Omnitrix. Despite losing to the Conqueror of Worlds, Azmuth and Jayden would find themselves back on Earth where he was dawned the wielder of the Omnitrix and started his career as a major Plumber agent.

Jayden is very head strong but easy going, taking his job as a Plumber as a major honor to help those who can’t defend themselves; forming his own team. However, but his caring nature can seem naive and is prown to be taken advantage of for a brief time causing him to grow bitter and serious with detaining suspects even causing the death of Vilgax, leading him to step down as a Plumber agent.

After gaining Master Control, his Omnitrix comes with an unique mode that allows him to alter his limbs to various aliens for more convenient use of their abilities at the cost of their powers being reduced by half .



  • Jayden’s universe is UNUA-2505.
  • After absorbing a magical circlet during a battle with Charmcaster, Jayden gained omniligualism the ability to speak , decipher , and understand all languages
  • During an invasion of earth Jayden gained Kryptonian DNA from General Zod.
  • Upon killing his dimensions Vilgax, Jayden inadvertently caused his resurrection and mutation which granted him counters to all 10,000 of his aliens significantly earlier than Ben 10k’s timeline.

Ezra Edwards

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Living in Ontario in November of 2006 in universe UNUA-713, A 17-year-old Ezra Edwards was walking down a forest when he came across a silver orb that was stuck in the dirt. After retrieving a shovel, he dug the orb out of the ground and carried it out to his home. Once he got home the orb opened up to show off the prototype Omnitrix. It latched onto his wrist. Freaking out, he ran back outside and ran back into the forest. He then calmed down somewhat then started to mess with the watch, activating it. After selecting the Pyronite transformation he dubs Firecracker, he slams on the watch, transforming into Firecracker and starts burning the forest accidentally. He then starts freaking out some more, accidentally burning several acres of land. After timing out, he runs home in a panic, but before he could, he sees a burglary taking place. Selecting a Tetramand, dubbed Four Arms, he takes out the burglars and takes them to the police. From then on, he dealt with the crime in his city and defended it.

Ezra is confident, yet he can easily be overwhelmed, paranoid, and nervous. His confidence can go over his head, making him arrogant and proan to make decisions without thinking of the consequences. His paranoia can also go over his head, making him more relunctant to make big decisions and less inclined to do tasks.



  • Ezra was born on July 15, 1989. By Omniverse, his age would be 23.
  • Ezra’s art style does not change when outside of his universe.
  • Ezra played the piano at an early age. At the age of 13, he began to play bass. By 17, he could play guitar and drums.
  • Ezra’s Frankenstrike’s design was based on Kingpin from Into the Spider-Verse.


This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Robbee originates from the moon, Malrarum (in the Andromeda Galaxy), which is a natural satellite to a much larger, lifeless planet. Malrarum has absolutely flourishing with life, in the form of very large plant life, and many insect species.

Robbee himself belongs to a very simple species, possessing very low intelligence and lack of a proper civilization. They spend most of their days gathering resources and digging holes in the sides of cliffs to sleep in, since the sun doesn’t go down.This would change for Robbee specifically though, as a Prypatosian-B landed on the planet to call it his home, and eventually bonded with Robbee as they have a shared interest in pranks and minor acts of stealing, using their combined abilities to mess around with the other inhabitants. The bond between these two friends grew, to the point of the Prypatosian giving the Vespalveare his name, Robbee, and his clothes.

This would change however after hearing the news of a Galvan Carrier riding along the rings of the Andromeda Galaxy, run by a highly positioned Galvan, Albedo. The Prypatosian claimed that whatever technology this ship has would increase the potential of their pranks, and made a plan with Robbee to fly off into space, while Robbee stays on the planet and keeps an eye out. Weeks passed as Robbee continued to sit around and watch, as he was about to head back to his hole, something breached the atmosphere and landed in a nearby field. Knowing what this may be, Robbee ran for it and checked it out, recognizing this as his friend's work, this strange looking pod glowing red with radiation, and multiple bits of metal piercing it.

While attempting to carry the pod back to his home and hide it until his friend got back, it suddenly opened, a strange device leaping out and latching onto Robbee’s arm. No matter what he did he couldn’t get it off, realizing that he’d need to wait for his friend as he might know what to do. A few more days pass as the Prypatosian returned to realize what Robbee has done, having risked his life trying to get his prize, only to see that it was wasted for nothing.

While Robbee attempts to explain himself, the rageful Prypatosian attacked, and in a very one sided battle, he whacked Robbee on the side of his head, creating a so far permanent wound for the Vespalveare. Leaving him for dead, The prypatosian left the planet, never to be seen by Robbee for quite some time.

Days passed as Robbee got up, and though the hole in his head remained, he was alive, his former friend not realizing that his species possesses self healing properties.

Not too soon after, a group of ships landed, containing a small group of the Plumbers from the Andromeda branch. They claimed Robbee was guilty of stealing Galvan technology, and destruction of a Plumber Satellite. Though still dazed and confused, Robbee manages to use his abilities to escape the plumbers, getting into a ship and accidentally turning on its autopilot while simply trying to hide from them.

Robbee realizing he’s not even safe in this galaxy, attempted to fly anywhere else but there. And while flying, all of what happened began to hit him at once, beginning to break down and cry to himself, this moment changing him drastically, making Robbee no longer as confident as he once was.


  • Robbee’s character and personality was inspired by Abe from Oddworld.
  • Robbee’s Omnitrix works a bit differently from the official ones. This one was made by a more lively Azmuth, and had the idea to be linked between two people, one being the wearer. Though due to a glitch, the Omnitrix was linked to the wasps that Robbee produces and controls, allowing him to summon bug/alien hybrids that act as his bodyguard
  • Robbee is the only notable member of his species to have a name, the only name others would get were mainly based on their roles, such as “The Gatherer,” or “The Shoveler.”

Kate 08

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Kate 08 is from Earth in the year 2150, where it was invaded by the richest man in the galaxy, Trapezoid Vreedle. Seeing how this universe unfortunately didn't have any plumbers or law enforcement to stop him, Trapezoid was free to drain the world's natural resources to sell off for huge profit, meaning gold, fossil fuels, rare animals, water, and lastly an entire species who couldn't fight back to sell as free labor/experimentation, Humans.

Once he was done depleting everything, he moved on and abandoned the dry husk of a planet, leaving it with little water and muggy air, making it a very awful place to live on or go near, making it a perfect melting pot of intergalactic criminals, smugglers and shady deals to take place. This combined with the horrid living conditions caused most of the remaining humans to die off, turning the human race into an endangered species themselves, either becoming refugees to live on other planets, slaves for people who need easy labor, or experiments for intergalactic scientists.

Kate was one of the very few remaining humans left on earth, separated from her family at the age of 3, and lived with a temporary foster family until she was 8. She was already a natural at hiding and basic survival, however she would have also died off soon if it wasn't for one event that would change her life. Kate had wandered off trying to scavenge for food until she came across a wealthy ship with rare items and animals and came across a glowing pod that was intending to be sold here, when she accidentally opened it, a strange mechanical spider like creature jumped onto her hand, and stabbed itself through it, causing immense pain as the device was literally fusing itself to her body, this device was of course the Omnitrix. After this event the crew mates, the captain and the buyer were about to try and rip it off of her, however they were abruptly stopped when she activated it and became her first transformation, the Pyronite, "Apolliflare"!

Unlike most Omnitrixes that usually have a line between where it starts and the wearer ends, this one was made with Klyntar DNA. Combined with the Omnitrix's DNA merging system, it completely fused into her body, altering her body, modifying her mind and her left eye as a form of symbiosis, basically becoming a new vital organ itself to help her with survival, meaning she not only wields the Omnitrix but essentially became it as well. This also modified her own human DNA with passive traits from her active playlist, examples include Pyronite DNA that makes her completely fireproof, and her Polymorph DNA giving her impressive flexibility and contortionism. While Kate has excellent control over her Omnitrix, her being fused with it has some drawbacks, one main problem is her feeling physical pain when her Omnitrix uses features that cause it stress, an example: switching directly from alien to alien will cause her a major migraine.

At first with this new found power she tried to bully the aliens off her world but over time she got wiser and now with the help of her best friend, Appoplexian and former gang leader Rider Lyon, her boyfriend, a shopkeeper Pyronite named Vulcan Singeluss, her human friend and adopted sister she saved from an intergalactic parasite, Abigail Losburn, and an Anodite she mildly gets along with, Fortuna work together to help slowly put back the pieces of earth to make it livable so humans and aliens can come home and make it livable someday, all while occasionally using force to help keep the peace from criminals and other such who want to cause harm to innocents.



  • Rider recovered an old book about Greek mythology and read it to Kate who became obsessive over the book. Because of this, she chooses to add the names of Greek gods and goddesses to her alien names when she can. Examples being Apolliflare, Aphroslip, and PersephSkair.
  • Kate is said to be a descendant of this universe's Julie Yamamoto.
  • Her Boyfriend Vulcan runs a quiet marketplace where he sells her favorite dish, grilled Octosaurians.
  • Kate loves foreign alien cuisines and would absolutely love Grandpa Max's cooking.

Ren Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Henry "Ren" Tennyson, a.k.a Ren 10, is an Omnitrix user with a happy-go-lucky optimistic yet hot-headed personality. He first got his Omnitrix at age 16 when walking through the city of Bellwood one evening and saw a meteor falling on the distant forest. Out of curiosity, he rushed over to it as fast as he could, only to find a strange device on a capsule. Ren tried to grab it, but it latched itself onto his wrist, but he didn't panic at all, actually thinking it looked pretty cool. He activated the device, twisted the dial and pressed it, transforming into a red manta-like alien who he'd later name Jetray.

Ren tried his powers for a while on a grass field away from the city until he decided to fly to his sister, Jenniffer Tennyson, showing her his discovery. He tried to surprise her with it which ended up in her smacking him hard on the face out of panic. Two and a half weeks later, he pursued a gang that stole some diamonds from a jewelry store. All managed to escape, except for one that stood behind to fight Ren: a Prypiatosian-B named Ad'am Pryce. He lost the fight, but got sent to the hospital due to a certain condition. He got offered to become a Rookie Plumber in exchange for his prison sentence, which he reluctantly accepted. He ended up in Ren's team and had a rocky start with the 2 siblings, but Ren's heart softened around Ad'am and the both became best friends a while later, with Jenny developing some romantic interest towards the Pryapitosian.

Henry's first days as the superhero he always dreamt to be were pretty easy on him. Unfortunately to him, things started to get complicated the more he heroed around, as more powerful foes, greater challenges and higher stakes appeared more and more. However, due to his personality, he isn't really that worried about the consequences of being that kind of hero. Thus, he always gets emotionally struck very hard whenever something of extreme consequences to himself or other people.

Fortunately, thanks to those bad things, he manages to grow into a better person, learn from his mistakes and become a greater hero than he once started as. And there's the best part: he never stops being Ren.


  • Ren is a huge fan of transformation sequences in shows and movies, and because of it, some of his favourite shows include such things, such as Winx Club and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Ren's namesake is due to his name being misspelled as Renhy by one of his family members.
  • His universe's Dr. Animo loves to call him Renjamin, and despite his convoluted history with Ren, he actually likes that nickname, so he doesn't complain about being called that.

Bethany Tenpei

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Bethany Sovannary "Beth" Tenpei was invited by Max to join them on his road trip, leaving her to gain it instead of Ben, going through many adventures with the team. Thanks to Max, Ben, Gwen, and the Omnitrix, she learns to accept herself as transgender.

Beth used to be very meek when she first got the Omnitrix, but started becoming more outgoing as well as gaining a more goofy side the more she started becoming comfortable with her transition, though she is too trusting and can be absent-minded when her guard is down. Beth is a natural at coming up with plans on the fly.

Beth starts wearing the Nemetrix when Khyber puts it on her as a last resort, leaving Beth's Albedo to give her their Polymorphic Crystal in order to stabilize the Nemetrix. Her Omnitrix has a wireless receiver added on in order to let her transform and Ultimize Zed from a distance.



  • Beth's father used to work with Max as a plumber before he was kidnapped and turned into Leander by Servantis.
  • Like Ben with Feedback, Beth gains an addiction to an alien she calls Swansara.
  • Beth has drawing and cooking as her hobbies.
  • Beth takes care of 8 pets. Zed, a Panuncian, a Maltese, a British Shorthair, two Ferrets, a Jackalope, and an animalistic rock totem that she got from Charmcaster.
  • Beth's favorite food are mozzarella sticks, with her favorite dessert being tres leches cake.
  • Beth names most of her aliens, but lets Ben and Gwen name a couple when they want to, with Kevin and Rook only naming one each
  • Beth's mother co-owns Burger Shack with Doris Dalton, with her uncle working as a cameraman.
  • Beth's universe is UNUA-0118.
  • Tenpei is a misspelling of Tempeh.

Lizzie Fizzierolley

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Lizzie Fizzierolley was 10 years old when the Omnitrix landed in the forest near her home. She used this device to fight against common criminals for three months, before being found by the First Thinker Azmuth and his wife, Zennith.

Azmuth offered to train her to use the Omnitrix, to become an Ambassador to the galaxy. She was raised by Azmuth and Zennith for two years until they were found by Vilgax who killed Azmuth and Zennith, sending her Omnitrix into self-destruct mode. Due to her still being in training, she didn’t know how to deactivate the self-destruct mode, in an act of anger, grief, and dread she took off her omnitrix and gave it to Vilgax, destroying him in the process.

Paradox then appeared to her, offering her an Ultimatrix in exchange for her to work as a sort of "time agent", traveling the omniverse to help Alternate Trix Users. She has modified her ultimatrix since then to be able to fuse aliens, or Omni-Enhance them. After first receiving her Ultimatrix, she used it to alter her gender to transition to female.



  • Due to overusing certain aliens, her DNA has been slightly altered. (vulpimancer senses, Gourmand appetite, Kinetidae Hypersensitivity,  Dragon pupils and fangs)
  • Lizzie's favorite aliens are Scissor Kick and Upchuck.
  • She's constantly modifying the Ultimatrix including changing its display colour from green to orange as a reminder of her universe.
  • Her nickname for Azmuth is Azzy boi.
  • She used the gender change function to transition from male to female.
  • She changed her last name after watching a cartoon off of the internet.
  • The scar across her Eye was caused by her father.
  • She has an ouroboros tattoo on her shoulder, but isn’t sure when she got it.

Doctor Octavia

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Doctor Octavia resides in the same universe as Kate08, and was involved in the creation of her Omnitrix. She is also the daughter of this universe's Azmuth. Like humans, the Galvan are nearly extinct in this universe due to the Omnivoracious never going extinct. War driven species like the Incurseans captured them and worked them to death for weapon creation. Azmuth and his family were forced into hiding. Azmuth could have sought revenge, however he and his family wanted to dedicate their life to peaceful science to try and make it a better place rather than add more violence to it. So they got to work on the Omnitrix, a device made to help beings of the universe understand each other and promote peace throughout the universe, and was originally intended only to carry the DNA of harmless creatures. However that changed when Octavia discovered the true potential of the omnitrix when she started collecting the DNA of more powerful species and used it to carry out revenge on those who wronged her family. The longer she used the Omnitrix in this manner, the more it corrupted her mind, causing her to become more sadistic and violent over time.

When Azmuth, Zenith, and Tirixi found out about what she became, they quickly confronted her, leading to a battle that ended in the death of her Mother and Father. Tirixi on the other hand escaped with the Omnitrix and alerted the noble bounty hunter Tetrax shard about the danger she was, leading to her arrest and several centuries on the prison planet, Incarcecon. On Incarcecon, she spent centuries of her life gaining a reputation. Inmates who wronged her were forced to suffer through horrific experiments, she was able to get away with due to the lack of guards. While she was there, she was able to create a makeshift omnitrix to sync with the original made by her family. After the main omnitrix attached itself to Kate, Octavia's makeshift Omnitrix synchronized with her's, however due to it being poorly made, it transformed her base form into a mutated genetic copy of Kate and the Ectonurite DNA she was selecting at the time.

Octavia grew quite fond of her new form, as she finally had a base form that could pose a threat. Once she escaped Incarcecon using the crudely made Omnitrix, she traveled the universe conducting horrific experiments and seeking out the wielder of the real omnitrix to bring her over to her side and attempt to unlock the full potential and continue her plan to force her "peace" among the galaxy. However, after years of searching and finally coming face to face with the wielder of her family's omnitrix, Kate refused to help her, causing years of constant torment for Kate. Octavia would spend years mentally, physically and emotionally tormenting and manipulating Kate and targeting her family and friends as a means to bring her over to her side, every time it ended in a battle where Octavia lost, but unfortunately each one added another mental scar to Kate. Octavia had even tried to exploit Kate's insecurity of not being able to remember her real parents, and trying to gaslight Kate into believing she was her daughter, this backfired as now Octavia had told this lie to herself over and over that she now genuinely believes she is Kate's real mom.

Their last fight was quite brutal, but it ended with Kate still coming out on top, though despite winning such a tough fight and having the opportunity to kill Octavia, Kate didn't have the strength to go through with finishing the securing the kill, so she had her imprisoned alone on an isolated planet with her Omnitrix locked up where she hoped Octavia would just die off with her injuries. Octavia however managed to awaken and find a way to escape after barely managing to survive for a year on that planet. Octavia at that point decided to try a new target, or rather multiple targets, so she spent several months on her new project, Multiverse travel. Octavia now wanders the universe capturing, killing or brainwashing other Omnitrix users to continuously add to the army she plans to use to bring her twisted peace to the Omnivese.


  • Octavia's Design is inspired by Freddy Krueger and Disney's "Mad Doctor".
  • All of Octavia's transformations share her large right hand, and all the Omnitrix dial placements are stationary on her hand as well.

Hunter Kastle

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

At age 10, Hunter Kastle tragically lost his parents in a car crash on the same night that Ben Tennyson found the Omnitrix. Ever since that day, his views on both law and justice have been separate.

6 years later, Albedo of the Galvan managed to cure himself (in spite of Ben Tennyson’s meddling) and created the Ultimate Omnimatrix MK III, or Ultimatrix for short, after which he decided to gift it to a random human teenager as an experiment. If the teenager becomes corrupted by the power, he proves Azmuth wrong while simultaneously creating a threat for Ben Tennyson. If the teenager becomes a hero, just like Tennyson, Albedo will’ve created a better protector of the Universe than Azmuth. Said Teenager was Hunter.

Hunter, now donning the name and persona of “Dark Hood”, fights crime by his own terms, in his own words, he’s “Carrying out the justice the police can’t.”


Rex Tennyson

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Rex Tennyson is a musician Pokemón trainer that wields the Omnitrix with an optimistic and joyful personality. At the age of 10 he went on a vacation with his grandfather to Galar, there he was allowed to get his first Pokemón, a Grookey. Later that year he joined his grandfather and cousin on a trip around Alola for the summer. After losing an argument to his cousin Gwen he ran off. While walking around he notices something in the sky heading only slightly further than where he was and he decided to run towards it. After reaching the landing site he realized whatever it was, he should touch it. He then opens the capsule holding the Omnitrix and quickly latches onto him. He then dialed the watch to, unknowingly, transform. He turned into a Sonorosian which he later dubbed Echo Echo. Freaking out he started to scream which caused anyone in a 1 mile radius to have their ear drums burst. He then tried to turn back but just turned into a Pyronite. He then burned most of the small forest he was in.

The trip around the region continued with Rex eventually finding out a feature of his Omnitrix whilst fighting his Animo. While fighting a mutant Gyrados he tripped and landed on his Omnitrix. which then transformed Rex into his alien's Sound Enhanced Form. This allowed his aliens to gain a new power and/or a piece of technology that is sound related.

During his trip Rex would eventually meet one of his greatest foes, Vilgax. Vilgax first appeared to Rex whilst touring the Tapu Koko Shrine. Rex being trapped on his ship, attempted to escape but failed and continued being tortured while Vilgax tried to find a way to remove the Omnitrix. Meanwhile his Grandpa revealed to Gwen about his history as a Plumber. They both eventually manage to successfully save Rex and defeat Vilgax for only a very short period of time. Only 4 weeks after their encounter Vilgax returns. Rex manages to avoid being captured but still ends up with a fight with Vilgax. Rex then happens to unlock an Ultimate feature and evolves Echo Echo. Gwen and his Grandpa help him in the battle but Vilgax then sees the opportunity and strikes at them. His attack kills them both right in front of Rex. Rex, filled with sadness and anger, Sound Enhanced Ultimate Echo Echo and shows no mercy to Vilgax and seemingly kills him. Rex then leaves with his only partner and friend Grookey.


  • Rex's parents died when he was very young but he isn't all sad about it because he thinks you cant miss someone you've basically never met.
  • Rex got his scar during a historic war with via an entity called ZyGon.
  • Rex resides in UNUA-1816.

Kairi Frost

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Kairi Ramierez-Frost was born in the year of 20XX, where the Hero of Heroes has united planet Earth with many alien species such as Necrofriggians. Many Necrofriggian children feed off the radiation of the Sun when they are first born, but some aren’t so lucky, one of them being Kairi.

She was born with weak and tiny wings that couldn’t carry them up to the sun or even cover their body forcing them to be taken into a hospital where a simulator of the sun’s radiation was there to help many young aliens who are in need of it. Sadly Kairi’s parent thought of them as a weak runt, completely abandoning them when they were simply a infant.

Years passed and Kairi was adopted by a kind family giving them the last name of Ramirez-Frost. As she grew older, she felt uncomfortable about their body feeling like they were lesser than other Necrofriggians, but one day they discovered the beautiful world of fashion gained more confidence with who they are as they found the clothes that made her feel happy.

Kairi is a very optimistic person, although she is not to be mistaken for a vain person or an airhead, as she is humble and rather witty where it counts, and likes to explore every avenue that she can.

One day the great Azmuth announced a project where he would give out an Omnitrix to those who he would deem worthy to see if there are more people like the great hero, so Kairi took the opportunity to steal it. But eventually was found by Azmuth who saw her use it to try on different clothes in different alien bodies.

She explained she wants to use it to give all aliens clothes that would make them feel happy and comfortable with their bodies to make sure no more young aliens felt the same sadness they did when she was younger. Azmuth at first was in awe of the Necrofriggian’s brashness to actually steal the Omnitrix, but respected their goals as he saw the genuine kindness in their eyes. Kairi now being a proud user of the omnitrix, which she would rename the "pognitrix" due to her obession with internet culture, using it to become the world's best fashion model and help others in need.


  • Kairi is non binary and use she/they pronouns.
  • Kairi is married to a fellow trix user of their timeline Willow, an Ectonurite witch.
  • Kairi's "pognitrix" is connected to various social media and music services that sponsor her.
  • In human form they're addicted to glow sticks.
  • Kairi has intentionally horrible names for all of their aliens based on up to date dank or out of date memes they still find funny.
  • None of her forms have proper traditional uniforms instead having different fashion aesthetics.

Emiko Nagano

This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Emiko Nagano is a 7th-grade student and part-time employee of Gaia corp, a huge intergalactic fashion brand. As part of her contract as a child model and mascot representative for Earth, she was given her own omnitrix that instead of turning her into aliens, gives her outfits designed and made from alien DNA in their seems. In turn, these outfits give her enhanced strength and some selective ability usage. Her contract also appoints her to fight monsters that are constantly invading her city while wearing these outfits and while being recorded by Gaia’s sponsored news station, Craze Report. Emiko is often accompanied by her appointed assistant, Freya Birchby, and is trained how to fight by her. Despite the huge spotlight she has on her and the workload she has to manage, Emiko’s a very peppy and optimistic girl who’s obsessed with anything cutesy. She has a hard time listening to people the first time and is very air-headed, but she has nothing but good intentions.


  • Emiko is inspired by the Pretty Cure franchise, which is where her playlist name scheme comes from, (example: “Cure ___.”) Her playlist was also picked from being based on each different season’s themes.
  • Despite her omnitrix’s immunities, it has no security measures programmed or built-in.
  • Her omnitrix’s DNA samples are also carried separately in small projector coins, and both are required for her to be able to transform.


This Trix user and their transformations were commissioned and are not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.

Y4-7I, also known as Yuri, was bred by the Osmosians for conquering planets. Specifically bred for piloting airships and other vehicles, she was under the command of the Osmosians for a large portion of her life. However, one day, while conquering the planet Khoros, she fell in love with a female Tetramand. With her not supposed to have feelings towards another being and to not be spotted, she was forced to kill the female Tetramand.

After the killing, she broke down after arriving back on the Osmosian ship. Another Osmosian soldier noticed this and took her to the higher ups. After discussing the events that unfolded, they immediately told her that she would be executed. She knew that she didn’t want to die over a simple romance, and so she stole one of the guns the guards were holding and shoot the higher ups and the guards. She fled to the hangar when she was swarmed by guards and soldiers. They were all told to kill her on sight and so she tried dodging the gunfire. However, after finding a ship that she could steal, she was burned by one of the pyros. She killed them and fled to the nearest planet which was Galvin Prime.

After crash landing, she put on a mask that can help her breathing and a trench coat. Walking for several hours, she came across a large population of Galvans fleeing from Osmosians. Knowing that she had no way of going back to the Osmosians, she helped the Galvan by killing the Osmosians. The Galvan then directed her to where the other Osmosians were, arriving at the location when she was flanked by the Osmosian soldiers. She crashed through a building when she noticed the rumored “Omnitrix” sitting in a lab. Putting it on, she transformed into a Biot-savartian, swiftly eliminating the other Osmosians within the area. 

Azmuth came out of hiding to notice that the Omnitrix was gone. Yuri sees Azmuth and tells him that she put it on out of desperation to get rid of the Osmosians. Azmuth thanked her for her services and told her that she could keep it, just as long as she doesn’t use it for evil, and also that he could easily make another one as he was working on that one for a “Ben Tennyson''. With the Omnitrix, she traveled around the universe, helping planets that the Osmosians conquered, taking them out, and letting the inhabitants go free. A couple of decades later, she eventually took out the entire Osmosian empire. After working as a mercenary for a few years, Azmuth would find out about her activities and deactivate her Omnitrix after being detested with actions. Soon after the deactivation, she would be arrested by The Plumbers.

After getting locked up, Ben Tennyson would find her in her cell with her deactivated Omnitrix on her arm. He would talk to her, naming her Yuri after her number code, trying to figure out how she acquired the device, and she would explain her backstory to him. He would talk to Azmuth about the situation, with him being ashamed about giving the device to Yuri. Ben would find that Yuri was misunderstood and would take her on a Plumber mission to prove to Azmuth that she was just misunderstood. During the mission, a building would fall on the two of them. Yuri would sacrifice her life to save Ben. After the building collapses, the Omnitrix’s fail safe goes off, allowing Yuri to live once again, and with her fully restored and healed. Azmuth would say that Ben was right, and that Yuri was misunderstood. Soon after this, Yuri would align herself with the plumbers, and finding love within the ranks with EightEight, a new recruit to the Plumbers.


  • After breaking out of her mind control, she would gain back her Osmosian abilities. However, the process of it coming back would take years for it to fully come back.
  • Due to her Omnitrix being linked to Ben’s, the instinct of her yelling out the alien’s name would carry over to her.
  • Yuri is ambidextrous, though prefers her left hand over her right.
  • Due to her biology, Yuri has to breathe in a specific compound in order to live.