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This page contains commissioned Alternative Omnitrix users that exist in their own respective universe. They are not present in the main story of 5 Years Later.

Jen Tennyson

Jennifer Kendra "Jen" Tennyson is an alternative Omnitrix wielder who wields an Ultimatrix, allowing her to not only transform into various alien species, but also allows her to evolve them into their ultimate form. She's rather arrogant and as a result, her universe's Azmuth never deemed her worthy of the final version of the Omnitrix.

Like Ben with Feedback, she had an unhealthy obsession with her transformation Solarstorm. At a younger age compared to most Ben's in the known multiverse, Jen unlocked Clockwork, causing Eon to avoid her believing she's more trouble than she's worth - in an accident relating to Clockwork, Jen accidentally sent her universe's Charmcaster six years into the future.


Kidd Blaster

Kidd Blaster is a former deadbeat bounty hunter who spent his days orbiting Earth and pirating cowboy movies from them when the Omnitrix caused him to crash land on Earth. After his partner in crime, Rad-Is (A Galvanic Mechamorph), hacked the watch to remove the DNA lock, Kidd decided to make the most of his situation and become an Earth hero.

Kidd wields a Prototype Omnitrix, which is heavily damaged as a result of Rad-Is' hacking attempt. As a result, the DNA samples were scrambled. This resulted in Kidd possessing only nine transformations, all of which, Ben never acquired. In addition to the Omnitrix, he utilizes Sundance, a rapid-fire laser pistol, Butch, a stun baton that generates an electric charge upon contact with an enemy, and wears a durable armor that allows him to survive in almost any atmosphere.

Jason 13

Jason Mdluli "Kia" Chikuru, is an alternative Omnitrix wielder who obtained a much-improved version of his universes Omnitrix after a misfire by Azmuth that landed outside Jason's house. Intended for his universes Ben 10,000, Azmuth sent Ben to take back the Omnitrix and despite defeating Jason he saw potential in him, reverting Jason's Omnitrix to a almost Pre-Recalibrated state and giving Jason access to thirteen transformations and calling him "Jason 13" due to his age. By age 17, he has access to 12,999 transformations and the ability to instantly switch through transformations with no timeout, although he still does not have complete access to Master Control.

Jason is incredibly cheerful, not having to go through much trauma in life despite his powers. This however can lead to him underestimating his opponents, but he generally knows when to get serious. He is a natural leader, quickly moving up the ranks of his universe's Plumbers still having a long way to go till Magister.

Azmuth heavily disagrees with Jason wielding the Omnitrix, but trusts Ben enough to keep Jason under his wing.


  • Jason's beanie was gifted to him by his Ben saying he used to have one like it his age.
  • Jason stole The Sword of Ascalon from Azmuth out of spite during their last visit.
  • Jason is sponsored by his universe equivalent of Nike.
  • Jason resides on UNUA-0103.
  • In Welsh, Kia means Keeper Of Earth, a title given to him by Ben.


Khan Blake found his Omnitrix around the age of 14 on a beach in Australia in 1951. He started naming his aliens early on when his sister called his first alien Boombox and this has stuck as a tradition ever since.

At the age of 18, he had the Omnitrix removed by the Plumbers so he could join the army. He left after five years and joined the police force for two years before the Plumbers came to him and asked him to put the Omnitrix back on. He reluctantly did so and began working for them as a special detective.

His creator has remarked that Khan hates anything to do with Tennyson's from other timelines.

The vast majority of Khan's transformations are name as references to pre-2000s pop culture. He is inspired by Constantine from DC, James Bond, Rorschach from Watchmen, and Eliot Stabler from Law & Order.

Ben 10finity

Ben 10finity is a composite version of Ben Tennyson created by Kuro the Artist while he was making a point regarding the Ben 10 vs Green-Lantern Death-Battle video. He is designed to be an absurd composite of every iteration of Ben Tennyson, with every ability that any version has ever possessed.

Aside from his Master Control Transformations, he utilizes the Ultimatrix and the Biomnitrix, allowing him to evolve and fuse his transformations. The Sword of Ascalon gives him additional reality-alteration powers, and Skurd can surrogate another transformation's powers. While his Ultra Ben visor is just for looks, the Potis Altiare multiplies all of his powers even further. He also retains his ability to use magic.


In a dark timeline within the Omniverse, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik defeats his universe's Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all and fulfills his dream of world domination. But his "dream", was short-lived, as another evil force rose and without a hero to stop it, Eggman himself was subjugated by a greater threat. He remained imprisoned for years, but built himself up physically until he gained superhuman physical abilities and proceeded to escape a prison specifically made to contain him and his great mind.

Free and with a new perspective on life, Eggman went into hiding, venturing to other worlds in order to find powers his foes would have no counter against. After decimating every facility and foe in his path, Eggman confronted the leader of this great evil. During the final battle, Eggman revealed his greatest trump card dubbed the "Egg Timer" a genetic alteration device that allowed him to change his genetic code. Using the device's Mobian form, "Blasthog" and shards of the now destroyed Chaos Emeralds, he finally defeated the great evil.

With the deed done, Eggman removed Blasthog from the device, built a memorial for his old archenemy Sonic, and left his dimension entirely to start a new life. Now known as Omegga, the Wanderer of Worlds, he would travel from across the Omniverse, stopping outside evils from encroaching on unsuspecting worlds.

His Omnitrix-like device, possesses unique characteristics uncommon to most Omnimatrix devices. Due to the origin of the device, it does not possess the DNA from the standard Omnitrix database. In addition, the Egg Timer's playlists are sorted into "cartons" of twelve rather than the standard playlist of ten. The Egg Timer also possesses a special battle mode dubbed "Shell Metal" forms, where his transformations acquire special armors based on various Eggman mechs from his past.


Lost Ben

On Ben's 18th birthday, Azmuth refused to grant him access to the Master Control, as he didn't believe Ben was ready. Frustrated with this outcome, Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and figure out his own Master Control. Ben ended up deconstructing the Omnitrix and connected it directly into his brainstem, mimicking the automatic quick-changing features of the Master Control, but at a great cost. When Ben transforms, his brain is altered to match the primal instinct of the species he is using, turning him into a mindless killer with every transformation.

His relentless, primal nature forced Azmuth to hold him captive in a maximum security prison built to contain him. He spends his days reminiscing about all he has lost. After being in prison for so long, he decides to transform into Alien X, but since his transformations have no way of connecting to Ben's mind, doing this is essentially suicide, leaving Bellicus and Serena sitting in Alien X for all of eternity without Ben.

Azmuth feels immense regret for what had happened, considering it his biggest failure.

Bishop Tenson

Bishop Tenson worked in the sheriff's department for many years to help maintain law and order. When a local group of bandits were fed up with his meddling, they took him to a mining ravine to eliminate him once and for all. However, a malfunctioning alien craft happened to be flying overhead carrying a gold mine of alien equipment.

One such piece of equipment was an extremely early prototype of the Omnitrix, created by the tinkerer, Azmuth. The malfunctioning ship, eventually blew up, spreading alien technology across the wild west. The Omnitrix attached itself to Bishop's arm and accidentally turned into his Pyronite transformation, The Burning Man. His captors were burned alive and he was presumed dead along with them. Their deaths being blamed on a freak TNT accident.

Bishop now wanders the wild west, using the alias, "The Shifting Phantom", to track down all of the missing alien technology, and to enforce the law across the land.

Ellie Chase

Eleanor "Ellie" Lee Chase is an alternative Omnitrix wielder who wields the Omnitrix's G7 model.

She is from an alternate universe called Dimension-1010 where everything is like the Prime Universe except one major thing, this universe's Ben died when fighting this universe's Vilgax and destroying his black hole generator Vilgax placed on the Earth.

Weeks after that moment, Ellie stumbled upon a plumber base by accident when she was in her local Max's Plumbing store. When trying to escape without being noticed, she went into the armory and found the Omnitrix which suddenly attached to her. When she was caught by the Plumbers, she managed to escape while trying to figure out the Omnitrix.

After knowing what the Omnitrix is and what it does (the same way Prime Ben figures it out), she then realizes that she was wielding Ben's new Omnitrix before he died. This results in her making a solemn oath that she would fill in the role that Ben made as a superhero, though she did keep her identity a secret.

She was a vigilante until the Plumbers found her and wanted to recruit her to being a deputized agent after seeing her fight villains and helping others which she did accept.

Her Omnitrix has twice the transformations Ben has, with having 130 transformations and having Master Control at her 18th birthday. She has transformations exclusive to her like Glass Cannon, Archangel and Chop Shop. She did rename some aliens, however. One example being Benwolf who she named "Subwolfer" instead.

Ellie is calm and collected while also being a little introverted, she does have a temper and can be naïve.

Alex Tennyson

The Azmuth of the Gammaverse created the Omnitrix (Later known as the Gammatrix), but its use as a peaceful, observational device proved to be ineffective. Azmuth was commissioned by the Galvan army to turn the Omnitrix into a weapon, and so he did. He took the Omnitrix and modified it to become more of a weapon, but in order to stop his creation from becoming a weapon of mass destruction, he put gamma radiation into the Codon stream to stop the army from using it for war. This proved to be unsuccessful as it simply mutated the alien DNA instead of taking the DNA away. Azmuth then dubbed it the Irradiated Omnitrix, later known simply as the Gammatrix.

Through unknown means, the Gammatrix's creation reached Vilgax, who led a raid on Galvan Prime and stole it. Albedo, who wanted to make his mentor proud, snuck onto the ship and stole the Gammatrix back. However, when trying to escape, his escape pod was attacked and he was thrown far off-course, eventually causing him to crash land on Earth. He died in the crash, unwilling to use the Gammatrix to save his life beforehand. The Gammatrix is eventually found by Alexander Tennyson and curiously, put the Gammatrix on his wrist.

Putting gamma radiation inside the Codon stream means the DNA inside of the Gammatrix now changes the aliens transformations abilities and physical appearance, with some looking drastically different from what they normally appear in the universe, while others appear more or less unchanged.

Jack Morrison

After Azmuth sent the Omnitrix into space an alien named Xylene took it to Earth to find the greatest hero of all time: Max Tennyson. Vilgax followed the Omnitrix there. A space battle was waged and Vilgax destroyed Xylene’s ship with her in it. Just before this however she ejected the Omnitrix into orbit to find Max, but the explosion heavily damaged the Omnitrix which caused debris from it to break off and land far from the actual Omnitrix. It's crash led it to snowy woods in Canada.

An estranged boy, Jack wanders the woods near his home cabin only to find that damaged Omnitrix before him. Intrigued by the celestial object, he grabs it, and for a split second transforms him into what he would later call “Fire Mode”. After this event, Jack takes it back to his garage to try and recreate this event. Jack tinkers with the strange device and begins to repair it. After using human technology to repair most of its basic functions, and then high-jacking his town’s power grid to kick start it, Jack fixed the Omnitrix. He then placed it on his wrist, as it locked itself into his DNA code. Jack then activated the dial and pressed it back down and became Fire Mode once more. After this Jack then tests these new abilities. Deep in the woods he begins burning down tree after tree, but then hears the screams of campers not too far from him. He follows the sound only to find himself a bear with crystal-like skin attacking campers.

Just as Jack was about to run away he saw the fear in a little girl’s eye, this then motivated him. He blasted the crystal bear with a fireball, it seemed to have disoriented the bear for a second, so he did it again, and again. And then he just shot out a burst of thermal energy which scorched the bear, making it collapse to the ground. Jack transformed back, and his watch started glowing within the proximity of the bear, Jack then touched the watch against it’s skin, re-encoding the Petrosapien DNA in it. The campers called him a hero, and the girl asked who he was, to which Jack responded with his name, saying he is no hero. Jack then leaves them looking at his watch “I'm not the only one, there are more of these monsters, and I need to catch them all.”

Isaac Saint

Isaac Saint is an alternate Omnitrix user who currently wields the improved version of the alien transforming device given to him by Azmuth after proving himself worthy. Originally, the prototype Omnitrix was meant for the greatest plumber in the Milky Way Galaxy, Max Tennyson, but he tragically died one year prior while on duty, and so the watch was sent to the closest plumber available, which happened to be Isaac's grandfather, Lance Saint. He hid the strange alien device for 5 years, but it was eventually found by a curious 10 year old Isaac.

His heroics over the course of the years have brought the attention of both the Plumbers on Earth and The Hero Association, which both tried to convince Isaac into joining them for their own reasons, but to no avail, the young hero and his team preferred to do their own thing, though they do have both plumber badges and hero licenses in case they're needed.

Isaac, despite being full of himself thanks to the fame he got since he was young, is kind natured at heart and shows a knight's wish to protect everyone. He is also very emotional, often letting his feelings cloud his judgement. He has shown great leadership skills in the last years, despite hating the idea at first, thinking he would be terrible at it.

His aliens names are mostly based on famous heroes from his reality or whatever his little brother comes up with, no matter how stupid it sounds.

Crimson Dawn, the sword Isaac holds, belonged to his grandfather in his youth. Isaac took ownership of it after an encounter with his world's version of Vilgax and has proudly wielded it ever since.

Brenda Tennyson

Brenda Anne Tennyson, like many Omnitrix users, found the prototype Omnitrix at age 10 while on a road trip with her Grandpa, and cousin Gwen. When it jumped onto her wrist, Brenda freaked out, eventually tripping while rushing back to where Max and Gwen were, accidentally activating the watch. Thinking it was going to explode, Brenda pressed the core back down, hoping to avoid that fate, turning her into her first transformation, her Pyronite form she would later name BurnUp, after the forest she unintentionally burnt up after tripping again while transformed. After getting over the shock of that transformation, and fighting some drones sent after the device, Brenda vowed to use the Omnitrix to help people.

Brenda is a generally positive person, being upbeat, outgoing and confident. She’s very friendly, generally trying to befriend anyone who isn’t an enemy to some degree. Because of this, Brenda is very protective of friends, family and innocent people, and often stops holding back to any degree if their lives are threatened in any way. When she was 10, Brenda found doing hero things very fun, often treating situations as games at times, though after the loss of Feedback, and putting the Omnitrix back on at age 15, Brenda takes situations more seriously, though clearly still enjoys helping people.

Though events were fairly similar to that of other universes, there are several things that differ. Brenda never obtained the Ultimatrix, instead using the prototype Omnitrix up-until Azmuth gave her the Official Omnitrix after her defeat of the Dagon-Infused Vilgax. During her early days, when Brenda first came across Hex, who was trying to steal magical artifacts, he was not alone, with him being his son, a young boy going by Charmcaster. Though in conflict at the time, Brenda and Charmcaster would meet again 5 years later, leading them to becoming much closer in the process.

Like her cousin, Brenda is an Anodite. Though there were suspicions, this was confirmed when Aggregor managed to absorb the Andromeda Five. Reacting to the emotional distress she experienced, her spark activated, causing Humungousaur to become flooded with energy, becoming the first of Brenda’s Anodite Enhanced forms, which grant transformations with various magical abilities. Though Brenda at first struggled to learn how to control those powers, with help from her friends, Brenda eventually learned how to manipulate Mana, being very good at using energy blasts and can even fly in human form, something Gwen struggles with. Despite being an Anodite, Brenda is terrible at magic in general, something that baffles both Gwen and Charmcaster.


  • Brenda resides in universe UNUA-6463.

Benedict Tennant

Benedict Keith “Ben” Tennant wields Ben Tennyson’s Omnitrix that has merged into his prosthetic arm. Right before the events of Grandpa Max’s disappearance leading to the upcoming Highbreed Invasion, Ben was killed in an explosion set off by a DNAlien. The Tennysons ended up moving out of Bellwood shortly after Ben’s death.

Ben Tennant was only fifteen years old when he moved from Brighton, UK to Bellwood, U.S. He ended up moving into the same house that the Tennysons used to live in. Ben soon found the Omnitrix locked away in a secret area of Tennyson’s old closet. Thinking it was a regular watch he put it on and suddenly the Omnitrix started to recalibrate; this recalibration ended up merging with his prosthetic arm. Ben was granted a playlist of ten different aliens he could transform into starting with his first transformation, Outburst.

Azmuth soon learned about Tennyson’s death and proceeded to reclaim the Omnitrix, but Azmuth saw how much the Omnitrix was part of Tennant and later saw potential in him.

Tennant was very afraid of what he was carrying, but then his father told him the truth about him being a Plumber and that his mother being a Forever Knight and finding the Omnitrix was his destiny. After the revelation, Tennant accepted his responsibility and became his own type of hero with the help of Gwen, Kevin, and his girlfriend Eunice to fulfill the legacy that Ben Tennyson left behind.

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