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"Good evening extranet and multidimensional travelers, welcome to And Beyond, where we plunge into the void and explore our ever expanding Multiverse."

And Beyond is a series of videos published on the Official Ink Tank YouTube channel. Their purpose is to expand and explain the lore behind the webcomic 5 Years Later.

The first episode was released on September 6, 2019.


The Plumbers, after the discovery of reaching other dimensions through the Null Void, created Horas, a robot built for the purpose of cataloging planets and species as far as he can reach. For the betterment and experience of knowledge.





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And Beyond Episode1.jpg
Episode 1: Terradino 1 September 6, 2019 Ben 10 | Humungousaur's Homeworld (And Beyond)
In the first episode of “And Beyond” Horas takes us on a trip to the prehistoric planet Terradino, the homeworld of Omnitrix Transformations Humungousaur, Astrodactyl and Krush.
Methanos Thumbnail.jpg
Episode 2: Methanos 2 October 4, 2019 Ben 10 | Swampfire's Homeworld (And Beyond)
Horas' extraterrestrial exploration takes us, this time to the toxic planet of Methanos, the homeworld of the Omnitrix Transformations Swampfire and Acidgrime.
Thumbnail 03 Ghost Zone.jpg
Episode 3: The Ghost Zone 3 October 19, 2019 Danny Phantom | Exploring The Ghost Zone (And Beyond)
This time Horas' takes us on a trip to the Ghost Zone, a dimension between dimensions which is the home of Ghosts.
Thumbnail 04 Sonorosia.jpg
Episode 4: Sonorosia 4 April 30, 2020 Ben 10 | Echo Echo's Homeworld (And Beyond)
Sonorosia, the most forgotten planet in its system, as the surface appears to be lifeless. This is made very evident by the lack of floral life or bodies of water, as well as the crumblings cities and structures of a previous civilization.
Thumbnail 05 Krypton.jpg
Episode 5: Krypton and Vegeta 5 September 6, 2020

Ben 10 | Alternative Versions of Vegeta, Krypton (And Beyond)

In this special episode of And Beyond, we travel across dimensions to view planets you may think you are familiar with, until you learn of their alternate history.
Thumbnail 06 Anur.jpg
Episode 6: The Anur System 6 October 31, 2020 Ben 10 | All Monster Aliens' Homeworld (And Beyond)
In this creepy Halloween episode of And Beyond, we explore the entire system of Anur, a monstrous, chaotic collection of planetoids and rifts that all connect to the dangerous, radioactive material known as Corrodium.
And Beyond 07 Kylmyys.jpg
Episode 7:Kylmyys 7 May 21st, 2021 Ben 10 | Big Chill's Homeworld (And Beyond)
In this new episode, we venture to the planet Kylmyys, home of the Omnitrix transformation Big Chill.


  • And Beyond is similar to the Ben 10 web series on YouTube, Ben 10: Alien Worlds.
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