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"Good evening extranet and multidimensional travelers, welcome to And Beyond, where we plunge into the void and explore our ever expanding Multiverse."

And Beyond is a series of videos published on the Official Ink Tank YouTube channel. Their purpose is to expand and explain the lore behind the webcomic 5 Years Later.

The first episode was released on September 6, 2019.


And Beyond is an animated mockumentary exploring the vast history and cultures throughout the multiverse! From franchises like Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Dragon Ball, and more. These episodes are created to be canon to the 5 Years Later Multiverse, and are based on information from the respective franchises, with changes and 'missing gaps' filled in by our team here at The Ink Tank. These episodes are made for entertainment, and are not a substitute for the official releases.[1]

The Plumbers, after the discovery of reaching other dimensions through the Null Void, created Horas, a robot built for the purpose of cataloging planets and species as far as he can reach for the betterment and experience of knowledge.


Character Voice actor
Horas O.R.Ash
Toras Kuro the Artist
Blukic and Driba O.R.Ash
Ben Tennyson Paxton Lee
Zs'Skayr O.R.Ash
Addwaitya O.R.Ash




  • And Beyond is similar to the Ben 10 web series on YouTube, Ben 10: Alien Worlds.
  • And Beyond is a show Horas hosts in universe.[2]


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