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This page is a list of animations developed by The Ink Tank that are relevant and/ or canon to 5 Years Later.

The Message

The Message is a two-part short that plays at the beginning and end of the Ink Tank's YouTube video, Everything That The Omnitrix Can Do.

While canon to the official 5YL series, these events take place about two weeks prior to Chapter 1.


Part One

Blukic and Driba in the Plumber Base (Orion-Cygnus District) are contacted by Ben, as Mantabolt, battling Psyphon. After he is unable to identify an unknown transmission, the two Galvans search through Plumbers' data files regarding the Omnitrix.

Part Two

After apprehending Psyphon, Ben, as Bullwark, calls the Galvans back for a progress update, but they respond without any progress. However, Blukic suggests the message may just be muted. He's correct, and a recording of an angered Azmuth scolds Ben for not accepting a call from him. Ben transforms into XLR8, ends the transmission with a wave goodbye, and runs off, leaving Rook to finish processing Psyphon's arrest.



  • This is the first time we see a canon animation in Ben's Dimension.
  • The clip Blukic and Driba are watching before the Incoming Transmission appears is Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures.
  • The screensaver is a Tiffin animated in a similar fashion to the iconic classic DVD players.
    • When it hits the corner, it smiles, referring to the meme that it is exciting whenever the DVD logo finally hits the corner of the screen perfectly.
  • While the two segments are canon, the actual 'bulk' of the video (O.R.Ash explaining the functions of the Omnitrix), is not, as it breaks the fourth wall and discusses Ben Tennyson and the Ben 10 Franchise objectively.
  • In the short's early development, Ben was going to be in his human form the entire time, but The Ink Tank felt they would not be able to find a suitable voice actor for Ben on short notice that had the voice they were looking for. The scene was rewritten to have Ben be an alien the entire time, as his transformations' voices are much easier to lockdown.
    • The decision to have Ben become a total of three transformations came when Kellen Goff agreed to be in the video, and The Ink Tank could not settle on only one of his aliens to use. They decided to use two, along with XLR8 after being impressed by Kellen's rendition of his voice during their Three Year Anniversary Stream.
  • The three figurines visible in the video in Blukic and Driba's lab are:

Vlad's Accident

Vlad's Accident is an animated short that plays during the third episode of And Beyond, The Ghost Zone.


In an archived recording supplied by The University of Wisconson-Madison, college students Jack Fenton, Maddie Payne, and Vlad Masters, attempt to prove the existence of ghosts by building a portal to their dimension.

The experiment fails, and quite literally, blows up in Vlad's face. Years later, in 2005 (Danny's Dimension), it would be revealed to the world that this accident leads to Vlad Masters developing Ghost powers.



  • This is the first canon animation in Danny's Dimension.
  • Vlad, Jack, and Maddie are all voiced by their respective voice actors from the official Danny Phantom animated series, but using archived audio from episodes they have already recorded.

Space Debates

Space Debates is a fictional television program in the 5YL Universe, similar to Ben 10 and Sumo Slammers. It is hosted by Slix Vigma.

A YouTube video formatted to this show's premise was uploaded to The Ink Tank's YouTube Channel, where Kuro the Artist and fellow content creator, PIEGUYRULZ, debate about the Ben 10 Franchise.


Broadcasting across the galaxy, an intergalactic court of law takes on topical discussions for guests to debate their side of the argument for entertainment.



  • While Space Debates is an actual show in the 5YL continuity, the only "episode" we see of the series is non-canon as it breaks the fourth wall and discusses Ben Tennyson and the Ben 10 Franchise objectively.
  • The actual set-up of the video is modeled after Screen Junkie's Movie Fights.

Danny Phantom vs. Ben 10

Danny Phantom vs. Ben 10 is an animatic based on Danny Phantom and Swampfire's fight in Chapter 1: Alienated.


Danny's ship, the Specter Speeder crashes on the Rooter Headquarters. Ben and Rook arrive on the scene after Danny accidentally sets off an alarm. Assuming Danny is an intruder, Ben transforms into Swampfire and begins to defend the Rooter’s base.

Danny counters with a diversion, and goes ghost, ready for battle.



  • This animation was created to help Kuro the Artist get a job working as an animator for Butch Hartman's YouTube channel.
  • The video is unlisted on YouTube due to its low-quality production.
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