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Anodites are a species from the planet Anodyne in 5 Years Later.


Anodites portray a humanoid appearance. They have glowing purple body and glowing pink hair.


  • Mana Manipulation and Energy Control- Anodites can create energy blasts, shields, and barriers out of mana. They can also heal people with this ability.


  • Energy draining- Anodites can be completely drained of their energy.
  • Magical weaknesses- Even though they are comprised of magic, they are still susceptible to some forms of magical attacks.

Society and History

Anodites are a free spirited society. Most don't take life as seriously as Humans, sometimes showing disregard for morality. They pursue their own personal pleasures.

Notable Anodites


  • Anodites do not posses DNA, meaning that Ben Tennyson could never transform into one.
    • Since Anodites don't have DNA, any offspring they have with a human will be related to said Anodite but will not posses its DNA.
  • Anodites can generate their own human form.