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Anodites are a species from the planet Anodyne in 5 Years Later.


Anodites portray a humanoid appearance. They have glowing purple body and glowing pink hair.


  • Mana Manipulation and Energy Control- Anodites can create energy blasts, shields and barriers out of Mana. They can also heal people with this ability. Their Mana makes them naturally predisposed to have an incredible aptitude for magic. They are one of the most powerful species in the entire Ben 10 Universe.
  • Human Disguise- Anodites can create their own Human disguises.


  • Energy Draining- Anodites can be completely drained of their energy by certain beings.
  • Magical Weaknesses- Even though they are comprised of pure magic, they are still susceptible to some forms of magical attacks.

Society and History

Anodites are a free spirited society. Most don't take life as seriously as Humans, sometimes showing disregard for morality. They pursue their own personal pleasures.

Notable Anodites


  • Anodites do not posses DNA, meaning that Ben Tennyson could never transform into one, though in discussion on the Omnitrix's range of transformations the Ink Tank ponders if this was a claim made for canonical or storytelling reasons as a Anodite form would render Gwen redundant.
    • Since Anodites don't have DNA, any offspring they have with a human will be related to said Anodite but will not posses its DNA.
    • However, Anodites do have something analogous to genetic material, known as "the Spark", which a human offspring may sometimes inherit to gain their Anodite parent's super-abilities.