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Anur G'rrnay is the home planet of the Terretnal Ogres and Sentinent Gourds in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


Despite sitting on the furthest outskirts of the Anur System, this small craterous planet receives a fair amount of sunlight, creating a balanced biome. It holds the most floral life in all the Anur System, most of which are various species of squash and gourds very similar to the ones found on Earth, the notable difference being their bipedal stalks and carnivorous appetite. Some gourds could also over-mutate and grow up to 60ft in height. These are the results of developing around Corrodium, but these overgrown gourds aren’t the only life on G’rrnay.

The planet is constantly hit by space debris caught in the system’s gravitational pull. Sometime long in the past, the gelatinous planet Sightra would drift in and out of Anur System’s pull, and once accidentally collided with G’rrnay. This collision broke off a piece of Sightra and left it on the planet, stranding some of Sightra's dominant species, the Opticoids, with it. They would eventually succumb to both the harsh environmental differences and the mutagenic effects of Corrodium to become Anur G'rrnay's dominant life form, the Terretnal Ogres.


G'rrnay Landscape.png

On the surface, the planet is quite clearly misshapen from countless years of debris striking it. On a closer level, the planet is made up of rolling hills and forests, interspersed with clearings where the Terretnal Ogres have established their homes. These clearings are often noticeable due to the abundance of squashes and gourds, whether they be in fields ready to be harvested or towering above the trees.


Over-mutated gourd houses dotting the landscape, as well as hollowed out hillsides within craters.



  • Anur G'rrnay's gravitational pull is twelve times stronger than the planet Sightra.