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Anur Millgan is the home planet of the Milit Lagish and the Sonaraquids in the Anur System from the Ben 10 Universe.


Millgan is an aquatic world located in the Anur System that mostly consists of a pitch black-like water, with a few small landmasses spread out around the planet.


The planet has very little landmass and consists of 91% water. Due to the various algae and minerals found on the planet, the water has become highly saturated, making it appear to be jet black. Sunlight cannot reach beyond the surface of the planet, making the waters incredibly dark, with the only light coming from various flora and fauna who have evolved to survive in the pitch black.

The surface of the planet does not fair much better, with dark, gloomy skies and relatively few flora and fauna. Anur Millgan has a few predatory species that absorb and clean the water of the planet, making it unbreathable to all other denizens.


  • Global Ocean
  • Lagoons
  • Multiple Islands