Anur Transyl

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Anur Transyl is the home planet of the Transylians in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


In the early days of the system, Transyl, being Anur's largest planet, was constantly thrown back and forth by Anur Phaetos's unbalanced gravitational pull, causing Transyl to collide with its neighboring planets. This resulted in Anur Khufos losing one third of it's original mass, and the complete destruction of the Loboans first home, the planet Anur Lobo. Those who were not killed in these events made new homes in the ruins swept up in Transyl's gravitational pull.

Overtime, the various species decided they needed to do something about the situation, so they pulled together their greatest minds and all the Corrodium the Thep Khufan were willing to give, and made a supercharged gravitational field emitter. The original plan was to pull Transyl back together, but what they created was much more powerful then they had thought, indeed pulling Transyl into a stable state, but also stopped its rotation, as well as the rotation of every other planet in the system. The field created was so powerful, it brought the whole system to a standstill and created the strange energy textures that stretch from planet to planet.


The planet consists of landmasses from various celestial bodies of the inner rotation of Anur. Lightning storms are frequent on Transyl, due to its heavy ionized atmosphere.



  • Scout
  • Dr. Viktor
  • Viktoria
  • Zs'iza
  • Zs'oise
  • Kuphulu
  • Crüjo


  • Most of the citizens of Anur Transyl are xenophobic towards species that do not come from their system, they view beings who do not possess monstrous appearances like theirs as "monsters".
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