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Archeagle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Angetridae from the planet Aviarus in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Archeagle is a humanoid alien resembling a bird. He has sharp, yellow claws on each limb and a beak. He wears a gold, black and green armor. He also has glowing, blue wings and tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his belt.


  • Flight- Archeagle can fly great distances.
  • Healing- Archeagle can heal most physical injuries, as well as sicknesses. It works in long distances, but is more effective if the target is in contact.
  • Boosting- Archeagle can temporarily increase strength and speed of his allies, more effectively on mana-wielding allies. Can also be used offensively to charge up opponents to the point where they explode or tire out.
  • Regeneration- Archeagle's body rapidly generates Mana, which heals him every time he gets injured. This includes lost limbs and damage of vitals organs.


  • Depleting Mana- Every time Archeagle heals/buffs someone, he uses a bit of Mana. This means that if his usage rate is higher than the rate of Mana generation, he will eventually tire out, losing all abilities that require energy.


The homeworld of the Angetridae, Aviarus, is rather bland on its surface. It is mostly composed of rocks, with no other signs of life. The only prominent feature would be its core, completely made of Mana. This source of energy is so strong that it has leaked into the atmosphere, creating views similar to that of aurora borealis. The inhabitants of Aviarus thrive off of this energy. Angetridaes are often hired by ally races as healers.

While most of the planet’s surface is bleak and barren, the society of the Angetridae is located way off the ground. Early members of the species have found methods to power technology using Mana and due to their near-unlimited source of it, large technological advancements happen very frequently. Buildings and structures are levitated off the ground using the energy within the atmosphere, all having the same majestic-looking architecture.

The Angetridae are ruled over by a council, with each member being elected in a democratic manner. The high council leader, also known as the queen, sports unique abilities, and is the only council member to not be elected by the public. These special members of the species wield golden Mana instead of blue. In addition to having superior support abilities, they also have additional offensive ones. This trait is exceptionally rare and has only been seen in the females of a single bloodline. Therefore, the queen must be protected at all costs. To this date, all queens that have existed ruled peacefully with freedom, so there has been no proper revolt against this system.






  • Females are the dominant sex of this species.
  • Archeagle’s design and abilities are strongly based on Mercy from Overwatch.