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Azmuth is the creator of the Omnimatrix Devices. He is a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime (now destroyed and rebuilt as Galvan Mark II) in the Ben 10 Universe.


Azmuth is a very short frog-like alien with grey skin. His full height is only around six inches tall. He has whiskers coming out of chin and sides of his head.


Azmuth is one of the smartest beings in the universe and because of this, he tends to be incredibly arrogant and often talks down on others. He is a no-nonsense guy who always wants to make his point clear.

Despite this, Azmuth can be compassionate and respectful to those he believes deserves it.


  • High Intelligence- Azmuth is the smartest being in arguably five galaxies. His incredible intellect is famous around the Universe.
  • Small Size- Azmuth is very small, which allows him to get through or inside places that most larger species cannot.


  • Small Size- Azmuth's small size and old age can make it hard for him to fight in most situations. So he relies on larger beings to fight for him.
  • Omnivoracious- The Omnivoracious is a Galvan's natural predator.


Early History

Azmuth was born thousands of years ago on a planet that was known as Galvan Prime. After he made a colossal mistake of creating a sword that could control the laws of physics, Azmuth swore to dedicate himself to peaceful sciences. He created an entirely new species called the Galvanic Mechamorphs which his race the Galvans, now co-exist peacefully together.

Azmuth's greatest invention however was the Omnitrix, a device that could transform the user into any intelligent species from the Milky Way Galaxy. He intended it to be used by the galaxy's greatest plumber Max Tennyson but fate lead to it taken by Max's grandson Ben Tennyson. At first, Azmuth thought that he made a huge mistake of letting a child have the Omnitrix. Ben's brashness and immaturity left a bad impression but seeing him grow made Azmuth realize that he was truly worthy of wielding the Omnitrix.

Prior to 5 Years Later

  • Azmuth tried sending a message to Ben twenty-three times but Ben accidentally had the video player muted.

5 Years Later


5 Years Later

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