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Ball Weevil is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet in 5 Years Later.


Ball Weevil is a small, yellow, six legged insectoid-like alien. His eyes are black with green pupils and has a two pronged crest on the top of his head as well as a beak.

His Omnitrix symbol is located on a black and green brace around his neck.


  • Plasma Generation- Ball Weevil can generate a sticky plasma that he can morph into a ball. With any object it comes into contact with or any form of energy it absorbs, it grows larger. Once at a desired size, Ball Weevil can let it go, and it will explode once it comes into contact with something. The explosion can vary depending on the size of the ball.
  • Plasma Whips- Ball Weevil can shape his plasma into whips, these whips are very sticky, therefore helping him in trapping escaping enemies.
  • Plasma Imprisonment- Ball Weevil is capable of trapping objects or beings inside his plasma balls, he can use this ability to rescue other beings or imprisoning them.
  • Wall Crawling- Ball Weevil can stick and climb up walls.
  • Enhanced Agility- Due to his enhanced agility, Ball Weevil is capable to perform relatively high jumps and other impressive moves. This also allows him to balance or walk on bigger plasma balls.


  • Plasma Vulnerability- Ball Weevil's plasma can affect him either from it being incomplete or him getting stuck in it.
  • Terroranchula- The Terroranchula is Ball Weevil's natural predator and is able to dissolve Ball Weevil's plasma effortlessly with its webbing.








  • Ball Weevil shares the same homeworld as The Worst.