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"Welcome, reprimanders. We've patiently waited for your arrival for you to bear witness to my evolutionary awakening."
"You..waited for us?"
"Cut the shit, Eon. We're done with your magic tricks. Whatever this is, we're shutting it down."
Eon, Danny Fenton and Kevin Levin[src]

The Battle of the Keshawn Desert was an open conflict between The Heroes united against The Alliance and the Alternative Ben Tennysons.

The battle took place in the Keshawn Desert, a wasteland located in the Invader Zim Universe. The Heroes, attempting to prevent Eon's plan to activate the Godmaker, while the Alliance fought to buy Eon and Aloysius Animo time to activate the machine.

However, the Heroes were unsuccessful, with the Godmaker ultimately being activated, evolving Eon into Divinity. In a desperate attempt to stop Divinity, Ben Tennyson utilized Way Big, only for Divinity to propel the Hero through the Earth's crust. Due to the cosmic power being displayed, the universe itself began to dissolve around the battle, causing the battle to spill into the Temporal Zone, where it continued.




"That was your last shot, by the way. And you didn't make it count!"
Future Fenton[src]

As Danny and Vlad continue to push each other to their limits, Ben, Gwendolyn, and Kevin find themselves faced with Planet Buster; a large fusion of some of Ben’s most hazardous transformations. Ben has no choice but to activate the Powerhouse Playlist, beginning with his tenth most powerful alien, Atomix. Atomix one-shots a mountain of gravatized-minerals thrown his way by Planet Buster, and proceeds to vaporize half of his face, and flies him into the outer atmosphere to extinguish the flames.

Eon's Ascension

"Whatever you are now, no machine in the Multiverse could hold you. Tell me, how does it feel?"
Aloysius Animo[src]

Meanwhile, Cooper Daniels, having constructed a hoverboard, manages to arrive at the Godmaker, where he is confronted by Dr. Animo. Managing to quickly subdue the Doctor with a blast of electricity, Cooper attempts to shut down the machine, only for Eon's transformation to exceed the Godmaker's energy limit. Animo manages to regain consciousness and seeing the danger, quickly shrinks himself. The Godmaker explodes, with Atomix witnessing the blast from space.

Cooper, miraculously still alive, yet with severe burns and the loss of his arms, mumbles that he was too late, as Eon's new form materializes in front of him.

After retrieving his scarf from Dr. Animo, Ultimate Eon kills him as a precaution, claiming that he cannot afford any loose ends. Taking notice of Cooper and remarking on his durability to have survived the explosion, Eon offers Cooper a second chance should he acknowledge Eon's godhood and become his follower. Cooper refuses, and is promptly killed by Eon.

Danny attacks Eon, only for the villain to halt Danny's charge in midair, proclaiming himself a god and rechristening himself as Divinity. As he becomes lost monologuing his godhood, Ben attacks as Way Big, crushing Divinity under his foot, freeing Danny from Divinity's hold. Divinity manages to throw Ben off of himself and grow to an enormout size, dwarfing the 296.4 foot tall To'kustar. Divinity strikes Way Big, blasting him through the planet's crust and sheering off a chunk of the surface, killing millions. The Orion Squad are thrown back from the impact, with GoTro saving his teammates. Rook Blonko's Plumber Ship becomes trapped in debris. Gwendolyn, becoming desperate to save the planet, attempts a time travel spell, with Ben as Soarnitho providing a boost of power. Danny and Vlad scuffle amoungst the ruins of the planet as Divinity notices the ritual that Gwen and Ben are attempting to use. Countering this, Divinity locks time in the area, disrupting the spell and haulting all time travel.

Dimensional Collapse

"This dimensional plane is crumbling."
"It happens when reality changes to many times in one area. This dimension can't handle Divinity for any longer."
Future Fenton and Ben Tennyson[src]


"Maybe if you had used Alien X, Cooper wouldn't have been killed!"
"...Say that again."
Danny Fenton and Ben Tennyson[src]

Cooper Daniels's death weighed heavily on Ben Tennyson throughout the remainder of Eon's Campaign, becoming determined to avenge him.