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Bellwood, New York is the hometown of the Tennyson Family, along with a few Plumbers. It is home to around 35,000 different species.


Like many parts of New York, Bellwood's city has tall buildings and many busy streets. A small, suburban area is located just outside the city. The city also has a river boarding one side of the city. On the other side is the desert, known as Los Soledad, which has old military architecture and equipment.

Aliens have began circulating themselves into the city for the past six years. Many alien buildings and monuments were built to accommodate these new citizens, and often, property damage from altercations with Ben Tennyson and his foes are simply replaced with alien architecture, making some buildings have both human and alien elements to them.

Notable Locations

Los Soledad



  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost, Danny and Ben are teleported to Max's Plumbing after receiving a distress signal.
  • In Chapter 3: Reunion, Danny and Ben fight Vlad by various locations in Bellwood. Eventually, the battle is taken to a clearing outside of the city.



  • A Welcome Sign sits outside of town that reads “Welcome to Bellwood: The Most Normal Town In America”.
    • This is meant to be Ironic, since Bellwood is famous for its Alien Population.