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Ben's Arsenal is the official title given to the collective alien transformations inside of the Omnitrix that Ben Tennyson can transform into.


The Omnitrix was created by a Galvan named Azmuth sometime after Earth Year 1133. His intention was to make up for his parsimonious ways, bring peace between all intergalactic species, and provide a way to resurrect any species that could conceivably go extinct.

The Omnitrix's creation was generally kept a secret, but when rumors spread through the galaxy of its existence, many forces sought out to wield its power for themselves as a weapon; most notably, Vilgax the Conqueror.

At some point during the Earth Year 2006, the Omnitrix was being transported to be brought to Max Tennyson, considered to be one of the greatest Plumbers of all time. The device's transport ship was caught in a battle with Vilgax, and the Omnitrix was jettisoned for protection, and so it fell to Earth and crash-landed before a 10-year-old Ben Tennyson.

As his DNA registered close enough to Max's, the Omnitrix vaulted onto Ben's wrist and adhered itself with his DNA, granting him access to the first Playlist in Ben's Arsenal - The Original Ten.

With great experience and practice, Ben explored the potential of his transformations as well as the Omnitrix itself and grew smarter and more powerful with it over time. He has since unlocked the Master Control and makes it his mission to understand every transformation available, as he believes they all have a purpose. Ben uses about 400 transformations regularly and has become around 2,000 so far just trying them out.

All of Ben's transformations (as of April 2021) that have a 5 Years Later design.

Becoming An Alien

The Omnitrix organizes all 1,000,912+ transformations into sets of ten, known as "playlists". Playlists are either pre-programmed into the Omnitrix, organized in a way that diversifies the grouping of species, or is expanded upon whenever Ben obtains new alien DNA by scanning an uncatalogued species.

Although transformations are instant, they can be elaborated on for aesthetic purposes.

The Omnitrix transforms Ben into the healthiest physical peak of that species' potential, but only relative to his age. At age ten, he became a ten-year-old Tetramand, at age sixteen, a sixteen-year-old Tetramand, and so on.

The specific transformations Ben becomes also carry unique traits exclusive to Ben, but consistent enough with the original alien to be a plausible member of the selected species. Ben does not become an exact copy of the alien's DNA Sample, but a version of what he would be like had he been originally born as that alien.

When becoming an alien, the Omnitrix implements the alien's basic instincts and abilities into Ben's mind when his DNA temporarily merges with the alien*. This allows Ben to get a feel for the transformation's capabilities, but after some time in that form, Ben is usually able to push his transformations beyond their limit and use their abilities in creative and combative ways.

Ben names each one of his transformations to give them an identity. Some transformations' instinctive personalities are so overwhelming that they cause shifts in Ben's behavior when he uses them; however, Ben has gotten a lot better at controlling these transformations with time.

The Omnitrix is also capable of giving aliens specific equipment if they pose a danger to other people, like NRG and his armor. The transformations themselves also take place 0.8 seconds from each other.

* The Ultimatrix did not do this, as it was a hastily-built and incomplete Omnimatrix that was eventually shelved.

Special Playlists

These Playlists are created to categorize a specific group of transformations. These transformations are also listed in the all-inclusive Arsenal list below in their appropriate slots.

The Powerhouse Playlist

Ben's personally-selected "worst case scenario" arsenal filled with the ten most powerful transformations that he knows of. These transformations are ordinarily locked on The Active Playlists but can be unlocked if the user enters the code 4317. When activated, the vents on the Omnitrix in Uniform Mode light up.

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The Parasite Playlist

This playlist is for transformations that can be used to enhance the abilities of an already existing transformation, but cannot exist as transformations on their own. It uses a dual transformation-selection interface, requiring Ben to first select a parasitic transformation, and then select the main transformation to act as a host. Combinations are only possible if the two species are compatible. Heatblast, for instance, cannot be used alongside Overkill, due to fire being one of the main weaknesses of a Klyntar.

DKR V2.png

The Monster Playlist

This Playlist categorizes all of the transformations from the Anur-System. Production-wise, all of these transformations were designed to resemble icons and monsters from the horror genre. The dangerous, radioactive mineral known as Corrodium is intertwined with the ecosystem of each species listed here.


List of Playlists

The following list contains every possible transformation Ben has access to that is canon to the 5 Years Later series. You can click on each Playlist to view them on a separate page, or switch through the entire collection below.


Playlist 1 - The Original Ten (Transformations 1 through 10)

Playlist 2 - The Additional Ten (Transformations 11 through 20)

Playlist 3 - The Recalibrated Playlist (Transformations 21 through 30)

Playlist 4 - The Expanded Recalibrated and Ultimatrix Playlist (Transformations 31 through 40)

Playlist 5 - The Official Omnitrix Playlist (Transformations 41 through 50)

Playlist 6 - The Expanded Official Omnitrix Playlist (Transformations 51 through 60)

Playlist 7 - The Expanded Official Omnitrix Playlist II (Transformations 61 through 70)

Playlist 18 - The Master Control Playlist (Transformations 171 through 180)

Playlist 19 - The Master Control Playlist II (Transformations 181 through 190)

Ink Tank

Playlist 24 - Alex Gautreaux’s Creations (Transformations 231 through 240)

Playlist 25 - Kellen Goff’s Creations (Transformations 241 through 250)

Playlist 42 - O.R.Ash’s Multiverse Creations (Transformations 441 through 450)

Playlist 47 - Kellen, Kuro, and Ash’s Collaborations (Transformations 461 through 470)

Playlist 52 - Kuro the Artist’s Creations (Transformations 511 through 520)

Playlist 67 - O.R.Ash's Playlist (Transformations 661 through 670)

Playlist 68 - O.R.Ash’s Original Creations (Transformations 671 through 680)

Playlist 69 - Fro's Creations (Transformations 681 through 690)

Playlist 77 - Hurshie’s Creations (Transformations 761 through 770)


Playlist 13 - Captain Eon’s Commissions (Transformations 121 through 130)

Playlist 23 - Xavier Pokedex’s Commissions (Transformations 221 through 230)

Playlist 27 - PerryPorkchoP's Commissions (Transformations 261 through 270)

Playlist 50 - Tyler Scharf’s Commissions (Transformations 491 through 500)

Playlist 54 - BenBolt504's Commissions (Transformations 531 through 540)

Playlist 70 - DFreak22’s Commissions (Transformations 691 through 700)

Playlist 79 - DrezenDragon’s Commissions (Transformations 781 through 790)

Playlist 97 - Skye Phoenix’s Commissions (Transformations 961 through 970)


Playlist 93 - Miscellaneous Commissions I (Transformations 921 through 930)

Playlist 94 - Miscellaneous Commissions II (Transformations 931 through 940)

Playlist 95 - Miscellaneous Commissions III (Transformations 941 through 950)

Playlist 96 - Miscellaneous Commissions IV (Transformations 951 through 960)

Playlist 98 - Miscellaneous Commissions V (Transformations 971 through 980)

Playlist 99 - Miscellaneous Commissions VI (Transformations 981 through 990)

For additional, non-canon transformations, please visit the pages for non-canon regular transformations, non-canon ultimate transformations, and non-canon fusions.


  • Ben's Arsenal was a name developed by Kuro to label the official list of Ben's Transformations. The word "arsenal" was chosen to mirror Ben's quick-changing versatility with how he uses his transformations, as if they were a fully-stocked arsenal.
  • The only species currently shown in 5 Years Later that is confirmed to not be in Ben's Arsenal are the Kryptonians, Brumarans, Eter'Caneic, and Anodites.
    • If Kryptonians were in the Omnitrix, the species would not be part of the Powerhouse Playlist, as they are still out-classed by Atomix.
    • The Eter' Caneic are extinct, but if Ben encountered a preserved specimen of enough quality he could obtain the transformation in a similar manner to that of Whampire.