5 Years later Wiki

Playlist 1

Number Image Name
1 Heatblast V2.png Heatblast
A Pyronite from the planet Pyros. This pyrokinetic alien is the first transformation Ben ever used.
2 Wildmutt V2.png Wildmutt
A Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin. This doglike alien has incredible strength and sensory skills.
3 Diamondhead V2.png Diamondhead
A Petrosapien from the crystal-planet Petropia. Diamondhead can shapeshift his arms into powerful weapons.
4 XLR8 V2.png XLR8
A Kineceleran from the planet Kinet. XLR8 is one of Ben's fastest alien transformations.
5 Grey Matter V2.png Grey Matter
A Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime. Grey Matter is one of Ben's smallest transformations, but also one of the smartest.
6 Four Arms (New).png Four Arms
A Tetramand from the planet Khoros. Four Arms comes from a race of warriors and can hit like a truck.
7 Stinkfly V2.png Stinkfly
A Lepidopterran from the planet Lepidopterra. Stinkfly was Ben's first flight-capable transformation and can fire goo from his eyes.
8 Ripjaws V2.png Ripjaws
A Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss. Ripjaws has legs on land and a tail underwater. His jaws can tear through steel.
9 Upgrade V2.png Upgrade
A Galvanic Mechamorph from the moon, Galvan B. Upgrade possesses the ability to merge with and upgrade technology as he sees fit.
10 Ghostfreak V2.png Ghostfreak
An Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos. Ghostfreak has the ability to turn intangible and possess people.