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Playlist 13

Number Image Name
121 Outburst V2.png Outburst
A Destructoid from the planet Splosinia. Outburst is composed of a liquid biofuel that he can ignite. In addition, Outburst resides in a containment suit, giving him increased durability and extra offensive capabilities.
122 Demonsion V2.png Demonsion
A Tieflinite from the destroyed planet Azrifael. Demonsion has the ability to create portals with his scythe like tail.
123 Brightspeed V2.png Brightspeed
A Neococcyx from the planet Iklipsyami. Brightspeed is able to manipulate neon energy and can travel at the speed of light.
124 Elimigator.png Elimigator
A Krokiro from the planet Lemarai-U. Elimigator is covered with indestructible scales and can lift things several times his own weight.
125 Funguy.png Funguy
A Shiitakan from the planet Flors Aspense. Funguy can secrete hallucinogenic spores from his body and can regenerate.
126 Gunstinger.png Gunstinger
An Arid Parachna Scorpiones from the planet Eqitan. Gunstinger can fire paralyzing stings from his claws that immobilizes foes and possesses precise accuracy.
127 Kleaver V1.png Kleaver
A Machetidae from the planet Savanarr. Kleaver has sharp blades across his body that can cut almost anything and can charge them up with kinetic energy for a slashing, wave-like projectile.
128 Tentadrill V1.png Tentadrill
A Kalmarterran from the planet Octulus Asabb. Tentadrill can dig using his head and glow in the dark.
129 Forecaster.png Forecaster
A Perfect Cumulujinn from the planet Orkoroaysis. Forecaster can manipulate various aspects of the weather.
130 DKR V2.png DKR
An Umbramorph from the planet Iklipsyami. DKR can shadow travel and bind himself to a host's shadow.