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Playlist 23

Number Image Name
221 Batthoven.png Bathoven
A Chiroptera Ludwi from the planet Classicermani. Bathoven can hypnotize others through music and is skilled at mimicking the voices of others.
222 StarFissure.png StarFissure
An Astronetic Asteroidia from an unknown region of space. StarFissure has the ability to absorb plasma which allows him to affect entire planets when the right conditions are met.
223 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
224 Scorpiblow.png Scorpiblow
An Arid Arachaero Scorpiones from the planet Eqitan. Scorpiblow can manipulate air and expel poisonous gasses.
225 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
226 Gelegnite.png Gelignite
A Scaridae Electricus from the planet Avapora. Gelegnite's mucus allows him to absorb electricity and can also detonate said mucus.
227 Wrecker.png Wrecker
A Destrian Carboniode from the planet Destria. Wrecker has an elastic body that can store crystals and use them as projectiles.
228 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
229 Coretosie.png Coretoise
A Testuvian from the planet Calderia. Coretoise can use his shell to roll around or erupt magma.
230 Wispunch.png Wispunch
A Ectoplasmoid from the star Thanatos. Wispunch can fly, phase through matter and control fire.