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Playlist 25

Number Image Name
241 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
242 Mantabolt.png Mantabolt
A Baltorpetridean from the planet Siccabiro. Mantabolt can generate body encompassing electromagnetic fields. He can also breathe underwater and swim at high speeds.
243 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
244 Slobberrage.png Slobbarrage
A Sputtorog from the planet Sputta XVI, Slobbarrage can fire different projectile saliva attacks from the mouths on his hands.
245 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
246 Mix Master.png Mix Master
A Cedoian from the planet Fla'mNik. Mix Master is a master of alchemy, able to transmute the matter of inanimate objects and exert his body energy into an energy orb that can help revitalize living organisms.
247 Bullwark.png Bullwark
A Praesidian Taurmenton from the planet Agerrus. Bullwark has an exoskeleton that can withstand extreme force. When angered, he can also release energy beams from his mouth.
248 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
249 Isodope.png Isodope
A Zeptompagite from the planet Zeptombus Omega. Isodope is about the size of an insulin molecule, and can clone himself and link these clones together to create virtually anything.
250 Tourniquet.png Tourniquet
A Remedepex from the planet Remede Fascia. Tourniquet is composed of a sponge-like material and is able to heal physical wounds.