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Playlist 42

Number Image Name
411 WormWork.png WormWork
An Annelids from the planet Takwella. WormWork possesses Regenerative Reattachment, Extreme Flexibility, and Advanced Immunity.
412 Pacadumb.png Pacadumb
A Breenglatt from the planet Burgorge. Pacadumb possesses a Super Stomach, Annoyance, Madula Mucus (A cold mucus slime shot from his trunk that on contact overloads the sensory nerves, resulting in angry/confusion and temporarily impairs the target.)
413 Vertebreak.png Vertebreak
A Boglodite from the planet Boglodotia. Vertebreak posses the ability to shapeshift, create drones using parts of his body and project spines out of his body.
414 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
415 Prick.png Prick
An Acurtian Hog from the planet Aricia. Prick can shoot sleeping quills.
416 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
417 Overkill.png Overkill
A Klyntar from the planet Tonrom in the Andromeda Galaxy. Overkill can enhance organic matter.
418 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
419 Truffle.png Truffle
A Tuffle from the planet Vegeta in the Andromeda Galaxy. Truffle is able to manipulate plant-life in various ways using his Ki.
420 Lank.png Lank
An Irken from the planet Irk located in the Invader Zim Universe. Lank can cut through soft surfaces with his antenna.