5 Years later Wiki

Playlist 52

Number Image Name
511 Acidgrime.png Acidgrime
A Xolbrine from the planet Methanos. Acidgrime is able to create and throw sticky balls of acid which explode on contact.
512 Disk Jockey V2.png Disk Jockey
A Sanavox from the planet Sonorosia. Disk Jockey is made completely out of vibrations, which he uses to make a physical form contained in a suit.
513 No Image Available.png UNKNOWN
514 Koisen.png Koisen
A Shishiana from the planet Hoshipa. This alien is a completely aquatic alien that has several maneuverable quills that can release a potent rotting poison in anything he jabs.
515 Buck Wild.png Buck Wild
A Genus Lepus from the planet Pollatempus. Buck Wild can run at such high-velocities that he can generate temporal clones of himself from multiple timelines. He is Ben's fastest transformation.
516 Slampeed V2.png Slampeed
A Pulsoar from the planet Luas Tapa. Slampeed can run quickly, but only in a straight line. He is incredibly powerful for ramming things.
517 MonKi V2.png MonKi
A Saiyan from the planet Vegeta in the Andromeda Galaxy. MonKi is able to manipulate his Ki for various attacks. In addition, MonKi is able to transform, further enhancing his Ki control and power.
518 Scalamancer.png Salamancer
A Dragon from the planet Zaka Chagg. Salamancer can breathe fire, and his tough skin makes him invulnerable to most attacks.
519 Krush.png Krush
A Mulgogian from the planet Terradino. This transformation is the same species as one of Ben's students, Crawnch. He can inflate his arms several times their normal size, which increases his strength.
520 Sucker Punch.png Sucker Punch
A Chimera Sui Generis from the planet Vilgaxia. This transformation is the same species as Ben's oldest foe, Vilgax. He has incredible strength, and can grow larger in water.