5 Years later Wiki

Playlist 6

Number Image Name
51 Molestache V2.png Molestache
A Dorinian Mole from the planet Gachabelle. Molestache's facial hair can be extended to have useful combat capabilities.
52 The Worst.png The Worst
An Atrocian from an unknown planet. The Worst is effectively invincible, but can still feel pain.
Kickin Hawk
An unknown species from an unknown planet. Kickin Hawk is Ben's most talented melee fighter.
54 Feedback 2020.png Feedback
A Conductoid from the Teslavorr Nebula. Feedback has the ability to absorb energy and convert it into electricity for him to manipulate.
55 Toepick.png Toepick
A Terretnal Ogre from the planet Anur G'rrnay. Toepick can release fear gas that can paralyze any sentient being with fright.
56 Astrodactyl.png Astrodactyl
An Pturbosaurian from the planet Terradino. Astrodactyl has the ability to fly and generate energy whips.
57 Bullfrag.png Bullfrag
An Incursean from the planet Kalilian. Bullfrag has a long, prehensile tongue that can be used for grappling and melee attacks.
58 New Buzzshock.png Buzzshock
A Nosedeenian from the Nosedeen Quasar. Buzzshock is an electric alien with the ability to possess electrical equipment and clone himself when severed.
59 Atomix.png Atomix
A Prypiatosian-A from the planet Prypiatos in the Andromeda Galaxy. Atomix is a living nuclear reactor, capable of creating and manipulating nuclear energy.
60 Gutrot.png Gutrot
An unknown species from an unknown planet. Gutrot has the ability to create numerous chemical gases in his gut and eject them through nozzles located in various places on his body.