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Playlist 68

Number Image Name
671 Rattle.png Rattle
A Wrighther from the planet Anur Ormerow in the Anur System. Rattle is a zombified humanoid that can detach his body parts.
672 The Void.png The Void
A Pae Sadilla from an unknown planet. The Void is fifty feet tall and can generate dark matter.
673 Callis.png Callus
A Bruderma from the planet Nogrog. Callus has incredible strength and can constantly regenerate.
674 Moppet.png Moppet
A Manimottitera from the planet Ainigriu Tsew. Moppet is able to create high tensile string.
675 No Image Available.png Gacha
An unknown alien from the planet Escokasi.
676 Trench.png Trench
A Milit Lagish from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System. Trench is a durable underwater transformation that has bioluminescent tendrils and can generate a durable hide as an extra layer of protection.
677 Craterface.png CraterFace
A Burriforar from the planet Escokasi. CraterFace can burrow into the ground, and his top epidermis can mimic the terrain he burrows into when he consumes material while digging.
678 Stick n Slide.png Stick n Slide
A Sonaraquid from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System. Stick N' Slide can slide on water and generate sonar pulses thanks to the disc shaped ear canals located at the end of his tentacles.
679 No Image Available.png Rootwork
An unknown alien from the planet Escokasi.
680 Onionhead.png OnionHead
An Onyon from the planet Nogrog. OnionHead is a super intelligent transformation that can emit spores which cause eye watering and manipulate the stalks on top of his head.