Playlist 7

Number Image Name
61 Whampire v2.png Whampire
A Vladat from the planet Anur Vladias. Whampire has numerous abilities comparable to those of vampires found in Earth mythology.
No Image Available.png
An unknown species from an unknown planet. Not much is known of this transformation yet.
63 Mentacle.png Mentacle
An Uxorite from the planet Ringa Morr. Mentacle can move objects with his mind and fly using his telekinesis.
64 Power Plant.png Power Plant
An Atasian from the planet Augstaka. Power Plant possesses great strength, flight and is able to eject his claws as projectiles.
65 Bogie.png Bogie
A Maxatomar from the planet Horvista. Bogie is extremely durable and can make others laugh using his sporesnot.
66 Amalgaman.png Amalgaman
An Osmosian from the planet Osmos V. Amalgaman can absorb energy, matter or DNA.
67 Putty.png Putty
A Lenopan from an unknown planet. Putty has the ability to shapeshift his elastic body.
70 TenTen.png TenTen
A Sotoraggian from the planet Sotoragg. TenTen wears an advanced suit of armor that is equiped with multiple weapons.
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