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Playlist 70

Number Image Name
691 Rainboa.png Rainboa
A Pytholeptic from the planet Serpnosis. Rainboa can rapidly change the colors of his scales, allowing him to stun or hypnotize others.
692 Hive Mind.png Hive Mind
A Vespidosapien from the planet Vespidae in the Andromeda Galaxy. Hive Mind is able to control insects within his vicinity and has a venomous stinger.
693 Mister Ninja.png Mister Ninja
A Vaporan from the planet Omiklos. Mister Ninja can produce a thick mist and is a highly versatile and capable melee fighter.
694 Head Chef.png Head Chef
An Archimargian from the planet Goramsay. Head Chef's highly developed senses makes him an incredibly good cook.
695 Mimicstein.png Mimicstein
A Conglomersapien from the planet Galvan M. Mimicstein can mimic the abilities of anyone within his line of sight.
696 Phanplasm.png Phanplasm
An Ignispiravit from the planet Plasmos. Phanplasm is able to manipulate various types of plasma.
697 Icepick.png Icepick
A Gigaglacies from the planet Jotun. Icepick has a subzero body temperature and is able to make constructs out of ice.
698 Monkiwi.png Monkiwi
An Simiteryx from the planet Serpnosis. Monkiwi has a plethora of abilities such as Enhanced Strength, Agility and Reflexes, Night Vision, Prehensile Tail, Sunlight Absorption and Projection, Sound-Wind Bursts, Extendable Arms and Extendable Spear Beak.
699 Scraptile.png Scraptile
A Mineragon from the planet Ferron. Scraptile possesses Ferrokinesis and vast knowledge on melee weapons.
700 Green Needle.png Green Needle
A Kaktos from the planet Caecacta. Green Needle can manipulate the thorns on his body can produce a healing nectar.