Number Image Name
941 Ballpit BallPit
A Sphere Den'Oid from the planet Den'Odia. Ballpit can control and manipulate the spheres in his body.
942 Divebomb Divebomb
A Sphenplosians from the planet Sphenplosive IX. Divebomb can generate eggs which when ignited, can take out a three-story building.
943 Snake Bite Snake Bite
An Anguis Duo from the planet Ambulate Sublabor. Snake Bite possesses venomous fangs that have different effects depending on the species he bites.
944 No Image Available UNKNOWN
945 No Image Available UNKNOWN
946 No Image Available UNKNOWN
947 Razerclaw Razorclaw
A Borchiana Lacerta from the planet Borchia. He can generate spikes made of bone from nearly any part of his body for offensive or defensive purposes.
948 No Image Available UNKNOWN
949 Enviro-Mental Enviro-Mental
A Klyipian from the planet Klyplon. He can manipulate and control vegetation.
950 Candystain Candystain
A Fructosapian from the planet Fructosian. Candystain is able to generate a sticky adhesive and produces a sweet scent that can attract certain creatures.

Number Image Name
951 Dopameal Dopameal
A Hypath from the planet Octulus Asabb. Dopameal is an underwater transformation that uses telepathy to feed off emotions from enemies.
952 Grenadier Grenadier
A Paroxyte from the planet Paroxys. Grenadier possesses highly volatile bodily fluids in his system which he can detonate at will, and can use it thanks to the weapons equipped by the Omnitrix.
953 Ravenstorm Ravenstorm
A Corvian from the planet Metathaw. Ravenstorm is a bird-like alien who can fly and manipulate weather in a plethora of ways.
954 Melosea-2 Melosea
A Wasca from the planet Teish. Melosea is an aquatic and musical alien with an underwater radar and an elastic tongue that disperses a neurotoxin.
955 Decathalon Decathalon
An Olympian from the planet Olympus. He is able to run at extremely fast speeds.
956 Laugh Bandit Laugh Bandit
A Scavite from the planet Jofric. Laugh Bandit has contagious laughter and is unable to feel pain.
957 Dino King Dino King
A Monarkian from the planet Ishironda. He is a gigantic transformation that can exhale large amounts of radiation from his mouth.
958 Backwash Backwash
A Squirtizan from the planet Prodive III. Backwash can store and blast water and breathe underwater.
959 Stickman Stickman
An unknown species from an unknown planet. Stickman can control and enhance wood.
960 Cryonyx Cryonyx
A Deproose from the planet Ontarost in the Andromeda Galaxy. Cryonyx has a freezing cry that can freeze almost anything instantaneously.

Number Image Name
961 Visipede Visipede
An Insikterran from Ospis. Visipede can see in all directions and all wavelengths of light, except for radio waves.
962 PorTail TailPorter
A Tachyvulimpus from an accretion disc of a black hole located in the Andromeda Galaxy. He can convert his body into tachyons to teleport and briefly travel at relativistic speeds for offensive attacks.
963 No Image Available UNKNOWN
964 No Image Available UNKNOWN
965 No Image Available UNKNOWN
966 Kineticrush Kineticrush
An Kinian from the planet Lithokine. Kineticrush is able to manipulate kinetic energy.
967 Splotch Splotch
An Epipedasapien from the second dimension. Splotch can travel between the third and second dimension. He can also float, shapeshift, and create illusions.
968 No Image Available UNKNOWN
969 No Image Available UNKNOWN
970 Marshmellow Marshmellow
A Peluwnian from the planet Pulvinus. Marshmellow's body has many abillities such as near invulnerability, limited regeneration, and immunity to electricity.

Playlists 98 - 99

Number Image Name
971 Archeagle Archeagle
An Angetridae from the planet Aviarus. Archeagle is a support transformation that can heal physical injuries and boost his allies strength and speed.
972 GiAnt GiAnt
An Etherisapien from the planet Astron. GiAnt has the ability to create astral projections of virtually anything he likes.
973 Floam Rubber Floam Rubber
A Pilloid from the planet Matros. Floam Rubber is made out of a foam/rubber-like substance that allows him to redirect kinetic energy.
974 Oream Oream
A Papelonian from the planet Artem Papelos. Oream is able to control and manipulate his paper in various ways.
975 Mindwipe Mindwipe
A Psych-Morbian from the planet Phlexron. He has enhanced telepathic abilities.
976 Crazyvulgar Crazyvulgar
A Sasgenet from the planet Porzey. Crazyvulgar can release a special pheremone that makes enemies percieve him as their deepest desire.
977 Wisper Wisper
A Qutisp from the planet Mugilva. Wisper can absorb sound and release it as powerful concussive shockwaves.
978 Eruptile Eruptile
A Fragbufo from the planet Obsidi. Eruptile is capable of throwing up hot globs of lava and is a natural burrower.
979 Thermosplat Thermosplat
A Shotodian from the planet Thermutatia. Thermosplat's body is made up of two different types of gelatinous fluids, Freeze Gel which can freeze his target and Heat Gel which can melt anything like lava.
980 Haphazard Haphazard
A Tychelicerate from the planet Tycephalos. Haphazard is able to manipulate the fate and probability of objects or lifeforms.

Number Image Name
981 Statter-0 Statter
An Anomalite from an unknown planet. Statter can change his body's state of matter between solid, liquid, and gas.
982 Howl Howl
A Hopian from the planet Circadian. Howl has the ability to induce sleep in his victims. He can also fly and attack with his sharp talons.
983 Pinball Pinball
A Levipiton from the planet Gottlieb. Pinball can generate and telekinetically control small metal spheres.
984 Insectaroo Insectaroo
An Irwinian from the planet Acridupia VIII. Insectaroo has powerful jumping abilities. He is also heavy enough to generate small tremors when he lands.
985 Steam Roller Steam Roller
An Aveler from the planet Concrome. Steam Roller is large and fast. He can also generate toxic gas.
986 Hack n Slash Hack N' Slash
An Amuramaw and a Gastrepie from an unknown planet. Hack n' Slash is two aliens in a symbiotic relationship. Hack can create poisonous clouds, while Slash hides in his body and is long and sharp.
987 Vortex Vortex
A Bakir from an unknown region of space. Vortex is a mass contained in a robotic suit. He has the ability to create vortexes to suck up or shoot out opponents or projectiles.
988 Solar Bear Solar Bear
An Ursidian from the planet Polorpus. Solar Bear can absorb and project solar flares.
989 Bouldercrash Bouldercrash
A Mimetiterran from the planet Geawde III. Bouldercrash can manipulate his fluid-like body to reach and disassemble materials into armor or projectiles, which he can utilize in combat.
990 Soap Reef-0 Soap Reef
An Anthoarbel from an unknown planet. Soap Reef can create and use bubbles for both offense and defense.

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