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Playlist 95

Number Image Name
941 Ballpit.png BallPit
A Sphere Den'Oid from the planet Den'Odia. Ballpit can control and manipulate the spheres in his body.
942 Divebomb.png Divebomb
A Sphenplosian from the planet Sphenplosive IX. Divebomb can generate eggs which, when ignited, can take out a three-story building.
943 Snake Bite.png Snake Bite
An Anguis Duo from the planet Ambulate Sublabor. Snake Bite possesses venomous fangs that have different effects depending on the species he bites.
944 Chompvine.png Chompvine
A Vinea Captionem from the planet Mordaci Tropicae. Chompvine is able to ingest nearly anything and possesses incredible elasticity.
Roller Snail.png
Roller Snail
A Shelled Velolusk from the planet Goramsay. Roller Snail can ignite his mucus through the vents on his shell to roll up to 60 miles per hour.
946 Hexaposs.png Hexaposs
A Didefisapien from the moon Luna Cimmera. Hexaposs can climb steep surfaces and navigate complex structures with his six dexterous legs.
947 Razerclaw.png Razorclaw
A Borchiana Lacerta from the planet Borchia. Razorclaw can generate spikes made of bone from nearly any part of his body for offensive or defensive purposes.
948 FleaShooter.png FleaShooter
An O'Koylian Krelabugg from the destroyed planet O'Koyl. FleaShooter absorbs nutrients from his host and can launch the absorbed nutrients as pellet-like projectiles.
949 Hat Trick.png Hat Trick
A Clostichi from the planet Rehsnact. Hat Trick is able to imbue articles of clothing with Mana and grant abilities to all those who wear them.
950 Candystain.png Candystain
A Fructosapian from the planet Fructosian. Candystain is able to generate a sticky adhesive and produces a sweet scent that can attract certain creatures.