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Playlist 96

Number Image Name
951 Dopameal.png Dopameal
A Hypath from the planet Octulus Asabb. Dopameal is an underwater transformation that uses telepathy to feed off emotions from enemies.
952 Boiling Point.png Boiling Point
A Macarilla from the planet Frizimo. Boiling Point is a primate-like alien that can store water in his body, heat it up, and project scalding water.
953 Ravenstorm.png Ravenstorm
A Corvian from the planet Metathaw. Ravenstorm is a bird-like alien who can fly and manipulate weather in a plethora of ways.
954 Melosea-2.png Melosea
A Wasca from the planet Teish. Melosea is an aquatic and musical alien with an underwater radar and an elastic tongue that disperses a neurotoxin.
955 Decathalon.png Decathalon
An Olympian from the planet Olympus. Decathalon is able to run at extremely fast speeds.
956 Laugh Bandit.png Laugh Bandit
A Scavite from the planet Jofric. Laugh Bandit has contagious laughter and is unable to feel pain.
957 Dino King.png Dino King
A Monarkian from the planet Ishironda. Dino King is a gigantic transformation that can exhale large amounts of radiation from his mouth.
958 Side Effect.png Side Effect
A Gesiifluenza from the comet ACH-00. Side Effect can connect to other living beings and cause them to fall ill.
959 Stickman.png Stickman
An unknown species from an unknown planet. Stickman can control and enhance wood.
960 Cryonyx.png Cryonyx
A Deproose from the planet Ontarost in the Andromeda Galaxy. Cryonyx has a freezing cry that can freeze almost anything instantaneously.