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Playlist 98

Number Image Name
971 Archeagle.png Archeagle
An Angetridae from the planet Aviarus. Archeagle is a support transformation that can heal physical injuries and boost his allies' strength and speed.
972 GiAnt.png GiAnt
An Etherisapien from the planet Astron. GiAnt has the ability to create astral projections of virtually anything he likes.
973 Floam Rubber.png Floam Rubber
A Pilloid from the planet Matros. Floam Rubber is made out of a foam/rubber-like substance that allows him to redirect kinetic energy.
974 Oream.png Oream
A Papelonian from the planet Artem Papelos. Oream is able to control and manipulate his paper in various ways.
975 Mindwipe.png Mindwipe
A Psych-Morbian from the planet Phlexron. Mindwipe has enhanced telepathic abilities.
976 Crazyvulgar.png Crazyvulgar
A Sasgenet from the planet Porzey. Crazyvulgar can release a special pheromone that makes enemies perceive him as their deepest desire.
977 Wisper.png Wisper
A Qutisp from the planet Mugilva. Wisper can absorb sound and release it as powerful, concussive shockwaves.
978 Eruptile.png Eruptile
A Fragbufo from the planet Obsidi. Eruptile is capable of throwing up hot globs of lava and is a natural burrower.
979 Thermosplat.png Thermosplat
A Shotodian from the planet Thermutatia. Thermosplat's body is made up of two different types of gelatinous fluids, Freeze Gel which can freeze his target and Heat Gel which can melt anything like lava.
980 Haphazard.png Haphazard
A Tychelicerate from the planet Tycephalos. Haphazard is able to manipulate the fate and probability of objects or lifeforms.