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Playlist 99

Number Image Name
981 Statter-0.png Statter
An Anomalite from an unknown planet. Statter can change his body's state of matter between solid, liquid, and gas.
982 Howl.png Howl
A Hopian from the planet Circadian. Howl has the ability to induce sleep in his victims. He can also fly and attack with his sharp talons.
983 Pinball.png Pinball
A Levipiton from the planet Gottlieb. Pinball can generate and telekinetically control small metal spheres.
984 Insectaroo.png Insectaroo
An Irwinian from the planet Acridupia VIII. Insectaroo has powerful jumping abilities. He is also heavy enough to generate small tremors when he lands.
985 Steam Roller.png Steam Roller
An Aveler from the planet Concrome. Steam Roller is large and fast. He can also generate toxic gas.
986 Hack n Slash.png Hack N' Slash
An Amuramaw and a Gastrepie from an unknown planet. Hack n' Slash is two aliens in a symbiotic relationship. Hack can create poisonous clouds, while Slash hides in his body and is long and sharp.
987 Vortex.png Vortex
A Bakir from an unknown region of space. Vortex is a mass contained in a robotic suit. He has the ability to create vortexes to suck up or shoot out opponents or projectiles.
988 Solar Bear.png Solar Bear
An Ursidian from the planet Polorpus. Solar Bear can absorb and project solar flares.
989 AllChemist.png AllChemist
A Brujian from the planet Melasoz. AllChemist is skilled at chemical mixing and knows the chemical makeup of everything around him.
990 Soap Reef-0.png Soap Reef
An Anthoarbel from an unknown planet. Soap Reef can create and use bubbles for both offense and defense.