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This Article Refers to the in-universe show of Ben Tennyson's Life. Not the Actual Show.

Ben 10 is a show loosely based on the life of Benjamin Tennyson. The show is a reference to the real-life Reboot of the franchise that originally aired in 2016.


  • In The Message, a figurine of this Ben Tennyson was shown in Blukic and Driba's lab.
  • In Chapter 3: Reunion, a billboard for the series appears on a building in the middle of Bellwood.
    • A figurine of Overflow (A Reboot-only transformation) and a child wearing this Ben's shirt is also present.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen, GoTro watched an episode of the series.


  • The show is based on the 2016 Ben 10 Reboot, having the same logo and the same design for Ben.
  • In-universe, Ben voices Vilgax in this show, as a reference to Yuri Lowenthal voicing Vilgax in the Reboot.
    • Kevin voices his TV show counterpart as well. It was his idea for his character to have an Omnitrix, rather than his actual abilities, to avoid exploiting his personal childhood.
  • The art for the poster was drawn in a different style from the 5YL art style, to indicate that it's fictional.
  • The show airs on the same channel as Sumo Slammers.
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