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UNUA-0001 is the universe that Ben 10 originates from in 5 Years Later. It first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost.


Ben's universe resembles our own universe. It has a similar landscape, but there are some slight differences. Ben's universe has been exposed to alien threats on the normal. The Plumbers are an intergalactic police force that play a big part in this world.


This universe was created by Contemelia, 5th-dimensional beings, using a device known as Anihilargensistoriafimiaorgost or the Anihilarg for short. After the creation of the universe, Slimebiotes are released into the universe for eons to come. They carry, mix, gather and deposit DNA, which means they are the creators of most life in this universe.

Thousands of Years later, a swampy planet named planet Galvan gives birth to Azmuth, the smartest being in many galaxies. Azmuth created the sword of Ascalon which led to the destruction of the Incurseans' planet, Kalilian.

In the year 1131 Azmuth visited Earth and gave the sword of Ascalon to Sir George, a Roman soldier cursed with immortality in order to defeat the Dagon, a cross-dimensional shapeshifting being enslaver of a hundred different dimensions. The battle ended with George cutting out Dagon's heart and magically sealing him away. Later, Azmuth began developing something that would represent peace instead of destruction on the planet Xenon.

In the 1770s, the first alien sighting on Earth is recorded and an organization known as the Plumbers begins their operation and create a base hidden in Mount Rushmore.

In 2006 Azmuth completes his invention, which is the Prototype of the Omnitrix, a device that allows its user to transform into different alien species. The Omnitrix is later transported to Earth and is accidentally discovered by a ten-year-old Ben Tennyson, who just began his cross-country trip with his grandfather Max Tennyson and cousin Gwen Tennyson. The Omnitrix attaches itself to Ben's wrist, which is the beginning of his hero career.

In 2011 the Highbreed race began their invasion in order to wipe out the Milky Way Galaxy along with their dying race. They are stopped by Ben using the recalibrated Prototype Omnitrix to cure them by genetically recombining their DNA.

In 2012 Ben fails to stop the Anihilarg and recreates the Universe using his most powerful transformation Alien X.

In 2017 Danny Fenton travels to this universe alongside Ben Tennyson, in order to get him back to his universe but end teaming up with him in order to stop the Alliance from completing their plan.

Key Places

Local Group

Outside of the Local Group

Planets with Unknown Locations

  • Hoshipa
  • Dragard
  • Iklipsyami
  • Eqitan



  • Ben lives in a currently-in-construction city near Mt. Rushmore that will eventually become Omnitrix City. Which is where his Headquarters will be located once he ascends to Ben 10,000. Gwendolyn and Kevin live near Friedkin University with Zed. Rook lives on a farm in North Carolina.
  • The current year in the Ben 10 Universe is 2017.
  • Alternative elements of the Dragon Ball Universe, Marvel Universe and DC Universe are present in this universe in the existence of Saiyans, Klyntar, and Kryptonians respectively.