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"It's Hero Time!"
―Ben Tennyson[src]

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson also known as Ben 10 is a main character in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 1: Alienated. He is a Human originating from the planet Earth in the Ben 10 Universe.

Originally a normal ten-year-old kid from Bellwood, Ben stumbled upon the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to transform into numerous amounts of aliens. Utilizing this, he became a famous superhero on Earth and beyond, saving the Universe on various occasions.


Ben Tennyson is a Caucasian human with brown, unkempt hair, and lime-green eyes. He is very lean and somewhat underdeveloped due to the majority of his adult life handling situations in alien form. Recently, Ben grew a goatee beard.


"Every single alien in the watch matters. I'm supposed to be an example of that."
―Ben Tennyson[src]

Ben is confident, comedic, and an incredible strategist. When he was younger, he was much less serious, cocky, and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later type of guy.

His ability to lead has noticeably developed, so much so that his Grandpa Max has consigned him with the responsibility of mentoring five new Plumber recruits, including Lula. He is shown to be very resourceful, making the most with what he is given in any situation.

He cares for others more than himself and has even given up his own life to save another on multiple occasions. During fights, he always prioritizes keeping civilians in the area safe. He is willing to help anyone in need and see to it that they are able to solve any problems that they might have in the future.


  • Photographic Memory- He has some form of photographic memory.
  • Combative Skills- He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, being trained by Gwendolyn, as well as by gaining experience through his various years of fighting aliens. He has also received essential Plumber training, and has held his own with proficient fighters even in his human form. He is never shown using any specific fighting style but uses freestyle, which helps make him unpredictable in a fight.
  • Weaponry Skills- He has extraordinary marksmanship with a variety of weapons, most likely due to his experience using transformations with projectiles.
  • High Pain Tolerance- Ben has been shown to be able to recover from and endure more damage and pain than the average Human, being smacked around by large opponents and having large objects fall on him.


  • Omnitrix- Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix, rumored to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Ben has complete mastery over the device and all of his transformations. He is very instinctive, using whatever he is given in almost any moment to his advantage. When he was younger, he would often become a different transformation than what he originally intended to use, but found ways to make them useful most of the time.


  • Human Weaknesses- Ben may be a smart, skilled fighter, but without his transformations, he is still just a human. If he is caught off guard or can't react fast enough to an attack, he could potentially be killed. His failsafe prevents him from dying, but enemies can still bypass this with enough preparation and understanding of the Omnitrix.
    • Illness- If Ben falls ill in his human form, his transformations are also affected by the illness either, altering their abilities or inhibiting them. This was shown with Heatblast as when Ben was under the effects of a cold, Heatblast's body and flames turn blue and give him ice manipulation.
  • Transformation Weaknesses- If one of his transformations is susceptive to a circumstantial attack, he also has a risk of being beaten or even dying if he is exposed to it.
  • Body Underdevelopment- Due to spending most of his time in alien form, Ben's body is largely underdeveloped and therefore he is both smaller and less physically fit than others of his age.


Pre 5 Years Later[]

Finding the Omnitrix[]

R Ch2p01

The Omnitrix flying towards Ben.

It started when an alien device did what it did. Ben was just 10 years old when he discovered the Omnitrix. It stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid. Now with the device that he wears on his arm, Ben has the power of ten alien heroes.[1] He used their abilities to save the day from one of Vilgax's Leviathan Drones. However, when all was said and done, Ben couldn't sleep as the events that happened that day were all piling up in his mind. His grandfather confronted him, and that talk made Ben remind himself if he ever felt unsure about himself or his choice to be a hero, that it was always time to be a hero, hence where his hero cry comes into play, "it's Hero Time."[2]

A few weeks later in New York City, Ben met his rival, future friend and teammate, Kevin Levin. The 11-year-old boy ended up absorbing some of Ben's Omnitrix energy and DNA, causing a major mutation.[1] Kevin blamed Ben for his mutation and hated him for it.

First Encounter with Vilgax[]

During his trip, he would encounter one of the most feared and dangerous beings in the galaxy, Vilgax, who wanted to use the Omnitrix to create an unstoppable army for conquest. It was during their first battle that Max revealed the truth of his past, and Ben manages to defeat Vilgax for the first time.[1]

After this encounter with Vilgax, Ben learned there were more than just ten transformations in the Omnitrix, after Cannonbolt was unlocked accidentally.

The DNAlien Conspiracy[]

Magister labrid death

Ben seeing Magister Labrid's death.

Now at age 15, Ben is living a normal life without the Omnitrix. However, when Max goes missing, Ben reequips the watch. The Omnitrix soon recalibrates itself after being off for several years, locking away all of Ben's old transformations, while giving him 10 new ones in their place. Ben and his cousin Gwen, now more skilled with magic, meet up with Magister Labrid, a Plumber who was recently working with Max. Together they encounter Kevin Levin (now cured from his Omnitrix DNA mutation) during a weapons deal with the Forever Knights, DNAliens, and himself. After the conflict, and the death of Magister Labrid, the three decide to work together and fend off against the Highbreed invasion.[1]

The Big Chill problem[]

Ben's transformation Big Chill started taking control over Ben's body, eating metal at night. As time went on he learned this was because Big Chill was ready to give birth to baby Necrofriggians. Ben later named his kids The Ice Pack.[3]

The Ultimatrix[]

The Ultimatrix was a device created by Albedo, a Galvan who was transformed into a genetic duplicate of Ben. Unlike the Omnitrix, this watch had the power to evolve transformations into ultimate forms. After the Omnitrix was destroyed, Ben grabbed the Ultimatrix from Albedo during a battle with Vilgax and took advantage of this evolution feature.[4]

Trouble with Kevin[]

Ultimate echo echo face off with ultimate Kevin

Ultimate Kevin vs. Ultimate Echo Echo

Aggregor, an evil Osmosian set on gaining limitless power, collects all pieces of The Map of Infinity to travel to the Forge of Creation (Birthplace of Celestialsapiens) to obtain their great power. In order to prevent him from absorbing a baby Celestialsapien, Kevin absorbs Ben's Ultimatrix and mutates once again. Although Kevin successfully defeats Aggregor, the immense power causes him to lose his sanity, turning him into a highly dangerous villain set on taking revenge on those who wronged him in the past. In order to stop him, Ben and Gwen get into a moral debate on whether or not they should save Kevin, or kill him before he hurts anyone else. After Gwen attempts to save him but fails, Ben and Kevin face off in a final battle, which results in Kevin being restored back to normal.[1]

The Rogue Time Walker[]

A time walker named Eon, who was campaigning for unlimited power, hunted down Ben to enslave him and feed on his powers. Ben and a future version of himself named Ben 10,000 defeated the time walker, or so they thought.[5]

Sometime after this conflict, Azmuth completed his new Omnitrix and gifted it to Ben, replacing the Ultimatrix.

The Incursean Invasion[]

Ben's world was once invaded by the Incursean empire. They conquered his world using an army of Way Bads, mutated To'kustars. With some help from his new transformation Bullfrag, Ben managed to convince the Incurseans away and the Way Bads were sent to the Null Void.[6]

The Time War Begins[]

Eon returned, attempting to take Professor Paradox's Chrono Navigator, but Ben slowed him down. The battle led the timeline to rift apart, requiring two Ben Tennysons to work together by both transforming into Clockwork at the same time. They managed to fix the timeline but Eon escaped.[5]

Dealing with Zs'Skayr[]

A few years earlier, Ben's transformation Ghostfreak escaped from the Omnitrix. While on a mission to Anur Transyl, Ben learned that Ghostfreak's real name was Zs'Skayr. Here on Anur Transyl, Zs'Skayr is lord of this land and he had obtained an Alpha Rune, making him an extra dangerous opponent for Ben.[7] In the end, he used his transformation Atomix to defeat Zs'Skayr and to keep him away from his castle.[8]

Troubles with the Rooters[]

A leader of a sub division of the Plumbers named Servantis was trying to take out Ben in fear that with the Omnitrix he was too powerful. Ben saw that he experimented on children, used Kevin's abilities to turn them into human alien hybrids. Ben and his friends eventually managed to lock away Servantis and striped him of his Plumber ranks.[6]

The End of the Time War[]

As an evil Chronosapien named Maltruant was gathering pieces of himself scattered in time and space, Ben from different points of time was forced to fight against him and his servants. During their final encounter, Ben used the power of all his transformations to contain the Big Bang created by the Annihilaarg and defeated Maltruant.[1]

You wanted your very own BIG BANG

Feedback and many other transformations holding back The Big Bang.

After seeing the creation of the universe, Ben decided he needed to go out and explore it. So he took Gwendolyn, Kevin and Rook with him on an intergalactic road trip.[9]

Prior to 5 Years Later[]

In And Beyond Episode 5: Krypton and Vegeta, During his road trip across space at age 16, Ben and the rest of the team, traveled to the planet Vegeta. There, Ben acquired the DNA for MonKi from Tomma.

On his 18th birthday, Ben was deemed worthy by Azmuth and received the Master Control, which unlocked every single DNA Sample in the Omnitrix, along with other features. Over the following days, weeks, months, and years Ben discovered many new transformations that he still uses to this day. He used Slampeed for the first time within days of getting Master Control, Slingshot one year later, and UltraViolent two years later.

Ben had an encounter with someone named Dr. Logic when he was 19 years old. Dr. Logic disagreed heavily with the way Ben handled using his Omnitrix. Blinded by his goal to "fine-tune humanity", Dr. Logic eventually forced Ben into a scenario with an impossible morally-correct choice, challenging everything Ben stood for as a hero. All evidence of the event was wiped from Plumber Archives, and Ben has not talked about him since. The event changed Ben's ways of how he used the Omnitrix from that point forward.

When he is not busy saving the world, Ben teaches his own recruits (namely The Orion Squad) at the Plumbers' Academy.

And Beyond[]

  • In Episode 6: The Anur System, Ben had Blukic and Driba upgrade a Horas unit to be able to blend in with the people of The Anur System so Horas can track down Zs'Skayr.
  • In Episode 7: Kylmyys, Ben and Rook discuss the production of Horas models. Ben mentions that he left the Horas Printer on to screw with Blukic and Driba after Rook mentioned the bioartificial squids they grow costs about twenty-three thousand pounds of Tayden.
  • In Episode 8: The Realm of Magic, Ben joins Horas and Gwen's call to warn them about Zs'skayr's return and to ask Horas to gather information regarding the Alpha Rune.

The Message[]

XLR8 in The Message

Ben as XLR8 after he and Rook defeated Psyphon.

While battling Psyphon as Mantabolt, Ben contacts Blukic and Driba about a problem with his messaging system. After the battle, Ben contacts them again to see if they found a solution, only for them to realize that he simply forgot to unmute his messages.[10]

5 Years Later[]

Chapter 1: Alienated[]

Ben along with Rook, head to the Rooter's Base after an alarm is set off. He and Rook then get into a battle with Danny, believing him to be an intruder. After using Echo Echo, Ben awakens a Way Bad and a fight ensues where Ben and Danny call a truce and teams up to defeat the monster. After the battle, Ben takes Danny back to the Plumber Base to help him find a way back home.

Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost[]

Ben discusses with Danny ways to get the ghost boy home. He later leaves with Danny for Bellwood, when Lula informs him of a threat detected in the city by Max's Plumbing.

Chapter 3: Reunion[]

Ben engages Vlad in combat while Danny is down and after being easily defeated by him, changes his priority towards getting the civilians out of harm's way using XLR8, while Danny keeps Vlad occupied. After successfully getting the civilian population out of danger, he uses Gravattack to pin Vlad so Danny can question him, but he escapes after Eon arrives to save Vlad, unbeknownst to Ben.

Chapter 5: Oversight[]

Ben arrives back at the Plumber Base with Danny after their battle with Vlad. Ben fills The Orion Squad in on the battle and its purpose and checks in to make sure nothing happened at the base while he was on the mission. To his dismay, he discovers that some files have been stolen and corrupted and chews out Lula on her failure to keep the base secure. He later meets Gwen and Kevin when they arrive at the base and they discuss where to go from here with Vlad. While the Heroes rig a Null Void Projector, Ben informs The Orion Squad that Cooper is to be their Acting Commander in his absence and an argument ensues between Ben and Lula. Ben later follows Vlad's trail, along with the rest of the Heroes into Zim's Dimension.

Chapter 6: Weightless[]

Ben engages Vlad in combat as UltraViolent but is unable to harm him and is taunted by Vlad, who escapes Ghostfreak's tentacles. Ben now attempts to quickly end the battle by destroying The Massive but, he creates a Black Hole and uses NRG (With some help from Danny) to collapse the Black Hole. He is successful but is immediately knocked unconscious afterwards. It is during this event, that he discovers that Eon is the true mastermind of this operation.

Chapter 7: Fold[]

Ben interrogates Zim using Pesky Dust to discover Eon's location. A debate breaks out between Ben and Kevin over whether or not he should utilize Alien X, where Ben explains why he refuses to use him. Later, Ben calls his grandpa. Max gives Ben advice on what to do next. After informing Danny of his job as leader of the upcoming battle, Ben activates the Uniform Mode and travels with The Heroes, to the Keshawn Desert for a confrontation between them and The Alliance.

Chapter 8: Risen[]

Ben battles the Alternative Ben Tennysons using various transformations. After one of them turns into Planet Buster, Ben has little choice and activates The Powerhouse Playlist, containing his 10 most powerful transformations and turns into Atomix to battle the powerful fusion.

Chapter 9: Time Out[]

Ben arrives back to the surface as Way Big to fight Eon (now declaring himself Divinity), but is quickly defeated by the latter with a single punch. After recovering, he uses Soarnitho to aid Gwen in casting a spell that will allow them to go back in time and stop Eon from evolving. They are stopped by Divinity, who prevents them from traveling back in time. When a being from the future known as Future Fenton, is forced out of the time-stream as well, Ben as MonKi teamed up with the future warrior to fight Divinity. After engaging Divinity, they try to find and save an exhausted Danny from Vlad's clutches.

Chapter 10: Again[]

Ben as Buck Wild battles an army of Vlad's image clones alongside Danny and Future Fenton. After Danny destroys them, Ben taunts Divinity, who is insulted by Ben using these trivial forms. After Divinity breaks through Future Fenton's shield, Ben takes both Danny and Future Fenton away from the battle in retreat. Using Portaler, he creates a portal that will take them out of the Temporal Zone to escape Vlad and Divinity but Danny refuses, saying they should stay and fight and an argument breaks out between Ben and Danny. After Future Fenton helps settle the argument, Vlad attacks Ben and the others. Ben uses Portaler to create two wormholes that become unstable due to the sensitivity of the Temporal Zone to tip the scales of the battle, but Divinity comes in, takes the wormholes, and claps them against Ben's face, causing a ripple that destroys the platform they are on. Ben is caught by Divinity, who taunts him to use his most powerful form, Alien X. Ben questions Divinity's leadership and loyalty to his people but his words are turned back to him by Divinity, saying his lack of leadership has caused his friends and teammates to suffer.

Chapter 11: Shattered[]

Ben as Portaler, breaks him and Danny free from Divinity's reality hold and unleashes a simultaneous attack alongside Danny that causes Divinity to vanish. With the Orion Squad now falling due to Divinity's portal disappearing, Ben transforms into The Void to occupy Vlad and Technus as Big Ben and keep him and Danny together. Ben later transforms into Full Stop to trap Vlad in a prison of dark matter. Vlad quickly escapes and traps Danny inside, forcing Ben and later the Orion Squad as the Orion Knight to continue the battle against Vlad and Big Ben.

Chapter 12: Unleashed[]

Ben as Full Stop and the Orion Knight finally defeat Big Ben, but not without consequences. Outside of Crawnch's sacrifice, Ben transforms into Clockwork to resolve the Time Rupture that happened after Technus' defeat, while ordering Lula and Gotro to bring Danny back. But Divinity interrupts him, before he can successfully complete the task. An all-out battle ensues between the two enemies with Ben cycling through many of his aliens. However, the Timewalker isn't fazed by any of it, and the hero is finally forced to do something he's been avoiding since the start of this adventure; Transform into Alien X.


5 Years Later[]


And Beyond[]


  • At one point Kuro the Artist drew Ben beardless instead of Danny.[11]
  • Ben voices Vilgax in the 5YL universe's Ben 10 cartoon, a nod to how Yuri Lowenthal voices Vilgax in the Ben 10 reboot.
  • Ben grew a goatee so that Gwen would stop teasing him about how young he looks.
  • Ben's life was a chapter and a half in the Plumber's Handbook when he was 16, although it is presumably much longer now.
  • His birthday is December 27th, 1995, the same date as his cousin Gwen was born.
  • He obtained an honorary Ph. D. from Friedkin University.
  • The Uniform that the Omnitrix gave Ben resembles outfits that Ben 10,000 has previously worn.
  • Ben has an apartment in South Dakota.
    • This apartment is located where Omnitrix City is currently being built.
      • Ben uses his paychecks and rewards to fund the development of Omnitrix City.
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