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Bloodbite is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Lycanight from the planet Howlheim in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Bloodbite resembles a mix between an insect and a wolf. He has an orange exoskeleton and red fur. He has four eyes, with one set of two being larger than the other, and two orange antennae with two bat-like ears. He has two mandibles surrounding his jaws, along with brown teeth. He has four arms with his exoskeleton covering his wrists, while the rest is fur. He wears a green, black, and white uniform from his stomach down to his feet. He has several ports on his body where he can expel blood. One in the center of his forehead, one on each wrist, and a few located on his back.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Blood Absorption- Bloodbite, possesses a powerful bite that can drain the blood of the target.
  • Blood Manipulation- From there, Bloodbite can manipulate the blood in a variety of ways from the ports/vents located on his body. He can shape the blood into blades or other simple shapes depending on the amount of blood he absorbed. He can utilize these abilities without the need of absorbing the blood of another being.
    • Blood Empowerment- Bloodbite can gain various physical enhancements, depending on the blood of the alien species he absorbs. For example, Tetramand blood increases his muscle mass and Vaxasaurian blood would increase his overall size.
  • Wall Climbing- Bloodbite can climb vertical surfaces.
  • Tough Exoskeleton- Bloodbite's exoskeleton is able to withstand significant attacks.


  • Blood Loss- Although Bloodbite can utilize his blood manipulation abilities without the need of taking blood from another, enough usage will result in confusion, dizziness, and other common side effects of blood loss.
  • Alien Blood- Certain alien species have blood that can poison Bloodbite if he absorbs it.


There are numerous subspecies of Lycanights. This one, in particular, are known locally as “Fleets”. They live in harmony with the natural predator of the Cravians, the Nazathids. They serve as caretakers or guardians to the gargantuan creatures, some even help them hunt.

In exchange for their services, the Lycanights are not only allowed to live on the Nazathid, but also may periodically drink and absorb their blood. Due to this practice, these Fleets are usually in small numbers, with each Fleet normally possessing one to two families.






  • The majority of Lycanight subspecies live in large, megacity type hives.
  • The Lycanight race took some inspiration from the game Hollow Knight, with the ideal concept behind the race being a bug and beast hybrid making up various subspecies.