Bloodline is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sanguis from an unknown planet in 5 Years Later.


Bloodline starts as a small white glob that resembles a white blood cell, with one small eye.

When oxidized, Bloodline is a large red glob that resembles a red blood cell. He has three eyes along with red spikes on his head that are made of rust.

The Omnitrix Symbol is located on his stomach.


  • Rust Absorption- Bloodline is able to consume rusted metals.
  • Spike Growth- Bloodline is able to grow spikes on the back of his head; these spikes are stronger than steel.
  • Enhanced Flexibility- Bloodline can twist and contort his body in a multitude of ways.


  • Cold and Dry Environments- Bloodline struggles in both cold, as well as dry environments.


  • Bloodline's species, the Sanguis, travel from planet to planet consuming oxidized metals, so they do not have a true home.






  • Bloodline acts as a cleanup transformation, rather than a transformation meant for combat.
  • Bloodline bears a similarity to Gluto.

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