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Blowhole is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gurammo from the planet Setaceas in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Blowhole is a teal, gigantic whale-like alien. He possesses six eyes, six blowholes running across his back and multiple barnacle-like formations spread across his body.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his stomach.


  • Bioprojectiles- Blowhole is able to secrete a liquid that rapidly solidifies when outside his body, turning into biological projectiles. He is capable of shooting this liquid out of his many barnacle-like formations with great force.
  • Water Spouts- Blowhole's multiple blowholes can shoot out large amounts of pressurized water. This can be used as propulsion underwater or as a projectile against anything above him.
  • Transportation- Blowhole's large size allows him to carry other living beings inside his mouth. This way, he can transport non-aquatic beings across large bodies of water.
  • Enhanced Swimming- Blowhole has great speed and maneuverability on the water, being able to create whirlpools by swimming in circles.
  • Enhanced Durability- Due to his tough skin and thick layers of blubber, Blowhole is incredibly durable and can reach abyssal depths without harm.
  • Enhanced Strength- Thanks to his large size, Blowhole is extremely strong and can cause severe damage to landmasses and structures by charging at them.


  • Water-Bound- Blowhole is a transformation only suitable for use in water. On land, this transformation is not only useless but also detrimental, as trying to fire his bioprojectiles will cause severe internal damage due to the recoil, and his immense size will cause him to collapse under his own weight over time.
  • Limited Accuracy- Blowhole's barnacle-like formations are not evenly spread across his body, causing him to have limited accuracy when trying to shoot a fast moving object.
  • Sharp Attacks- While Blowhole is extremely durable against blunt impacts, he is much more vulnerable to piercing or slashing damage.
  • Clogging- Blowhole's barnacle-like formations can be clogged by outside sources, rendering him unable to shoot, or causing internal damage if he attempts to.
  • Air Breathing- Although Blowhole is completely water-bound, he still requires to come to the surface to breathe.


Against the rulings of many intergalactic laws, an alien zoologist once cultivated populations of a wide variety of different animals from Earth’s ecosystems. It was his intent to document how life from one planet would evolve when introduced to the environment of another planet entirely.

During the trip to their chosen planet, however, fate had other plans. The ship somehow entered a temporal anomaly, and reached the planet around 18 million years in the past. With the zoologist long dead and the animals still in stasis, the ship's onboard AI decided to fulfill his mission and released the animals onto the planet. Here they would soon mingle with the already native wildlife, gradually evolving to suit their new environment.

In current times, these animals have since evolved to the point where their genetic material can be classified as new species altogether. The Gurammo in particular are the descendants of sperm whale pods. While not the only sentient species on Setaceas, they are the most powerful and well-respected of them. They act as guardians against any who may try to invade or conquer the planet, repelling many fleets such as the Incurseans and momentarily warding off the Highbreed. This has resulted in off-worlders referring to them as “Aquatic Armadas”.






  • Blowhole was inspired by Sammo Whale from Hero: 108.
  • Gurammo pods, though spread throughout the seas of Setaceas, all follow the lead of one individual in particular. The “Empress of the Ocean”, Laydi Gree, with Blowhole's DNA source coming from her son, Prince Aegull.
  • Khyber once visited Setaceas with the intention of hunting its natives. He was quickly overpowered and forced to flee the planet, however.