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This is Blukic and Driba, of the Galvan race. They are considered to be the smartest beings in all the galaxy.Rook Blonko

Blukic and Driba are residents of the Ben 10 Universe in 5 Years Later. They are both Galvan Plumber mechanics.


Blukic and Driba are both Galvans, and they both share Galvanic traits.

Blukic is thinner and taller than an average Galvan and wears blue overalls with a Plumber belt and a black shirt underneath. He is slightly cross-eyed, and he wears a cap. He also has a red handkerchief that he wears around his neck.

Driba is fatter and shorter than an average Galvan. He wears blue overalls with a Plumber belt and a yellow shirt underneath. He wears a yellow handkerchief on his overalls.


Blukic and Driba have similar personalities. They share a superiority complex in regards to Galvan intelligence, which causes them to often disregard the input of others. They are also both very argumentative, and can usually never agree on doing anything a certain way. By Galvan standards, they are unintelligent, but they are still very smart by Earth standards.


  • High Intelligence- Although they are unintelligent by Galvan standards, they are both still very smart beings and can work though problems critically.
  • Technological Skills- Blukic and Driba are skilled mechanics and weapon handlers, as they can build and fire plumber blasters easily.
  • Small Size- They are both very small, which allows them to get through or inside places that most larger species cannot.


  • Small Size- Their small size can make it hard for them to fight in certain situations.
  • Incompetence- Their argumentative personality and their lower than average Galvan intelligence can leave them in sticky situations.


Prior to 5 Years Later

  • In The Message, Blukic and Driba are interrupted by Ben, who cannot answer an old message on The Omnitrix and asks them for help. In the end, they pinpoint the problem to the fact that his sound is muted on his messages.
  • Episode 6: The Anur System, Blukic and Driba send Horas to Anur under Ben's orders to investigate .
  • Episode 7: Kylmyys, Blukic and Driba cameo, walking in on the Horas Printer room that Ben had left on all night, filling it with Horas units.

5 Years Later


5 Years Later



  • They were both named by TJ Collins after directors of Ben 10: Omniverse. Driba was named after Dan Riba, and Blukic was named after Butch Lukic.

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