BoomBall is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vestroian from the planet Vestos in 5 Years Later.


BoomBall is a dragon like reptile transformation. He has grey skin, brown wings, floppy ears and several horns from his head to his neck. He also has four gems on his body. He wears black and green pants.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left hip.


  • Sphere Transformation- BoomBall can curl his body into a ball by folding his wings around his body.
  • Rolling- BoomBall can roll around at high speeds when curled into a ball.
  • Kinetic Energy Absorption- BoomBall's crystals can build up and store kinetic energy, usually when he is rolling at high speeds.
  • Gliding- BoomBall is capable of gliding due to his arm-connected wings.
  • Fire Breath- BoomBall can breath fire in small amounts.


  • Loss of Control- Once Boomball starts rolling, he has difficulty directing his trajectory.


Vestroian are from the doomed planet Vestos. While there are many subspecies that take on different appearances, the most powerful and dominant are the Drac-Vestos.






  • This transformation was inspired by the Bakugan franchise.

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