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"Time to bounce!"
―Buck Wild[src]

Buck Wild is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Genus Lepus from the planet Pollatempus in 5 Years Later.


Buck Wild is a humanoid hare with pale blue fur and buck-teeth. He has two long and floppy ears, and a zig-zag tail that resembles a lightning-bolt. Buck Wild wears a green and black jumpsuit that covers most of his body, leaving his hands, feet, and upper arms bare. He has two green jagged eyebrows.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Massively Enhanced Speed- Buck Wild is incredibly fast. He moves at speeds that allow him to break holes into other timelines. When running, his ears and tail lengthen; the faster he goes, the longer they get.
  • Temporal Clone Generation- As a by-product of moving at high velocities, Buck Wild can generate temporal clones, which are manifestations of his various decisions in multiple timelines blended into the current timeline.
  • Enhanced Physiology- Buck Wild possesses enhanced physical characteristics such as increased strength, durability, endurance, agility, dexterity and endurance, etc. that far exceed those of humans.


  • Maintaining Reality- The more clones he makes, the thinner the barriers between timelines become. This can cause time cracks to form that, if unchecked, would continue to expand until it consumes the entire universe.