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CU is a character in And Beyond. He first appeared in Design-Your-Own Horas Contest Winners! He is a robot created by the Plumbers.


CU is a specialist Horas model with a more rounded head and blue eyes. He has a silver radar dish on his head and a thin, but long lower body that is blue, white, and silver. He has two arms, with one being a vacuum tube and the other being a claw. On his back, he has a large silver containment unit with a blue glass tube. He has a silver drill on the bottom portion of his lower body.


He is very timid and considerate, but is very loyal to his orders.


  • Containment Unit- CU has a built-in DNA storage device for collecting DNA.
  • Drill- CU's drill is designed to help him dig underground.
  • Vacuum- CU's right arm, is equipped with a vacuum, allowing him to pick up and transport samples into his collection unit.
  • Claw- CU has a claw located on his left arm, which he can use to break off pieces for DNA or other geographical samples.
  • Null Void Projector- Like the regular Horas model, CU is equipped with a small Null Void Projector located in his chest.


  • Fragile Body- CU can be easily destroyed through various means.