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"Don't you want to be a hero without all the fighting?"
Sam Manson

Chapter 11: Shattered is the eleventh chapter of 5 Years Later.

Plot Summary

In a flashback, Danny and Sam are parting ways. Now that the entire world knows ghosts are real, this is global panic, so Sam organizes a touring event to help promote ghost positivity. Danny wants to stay behind to help his father, who is now in talks with the president to share his inventions with the government and law enforcement. Nervous about parting ways, Sam promises to marry Danny the first day she comes back. They share a kiss, and say goodbye.

Back in the Temporal Zone, still dangerously unstable, Ben uses Portaler to break himself and Danny free from Divinity’s reality hold, and simultaneously attack him from behind. Divinity mysteriously vanishes, confusing the Heroes, which also results in Divinity’s portal disappearing, sending Lula, Crawnch, and GoTro into the Temporal Zone.

Technus charges and releases a destructive energy blast, which is shielded away by Danny. Vlad attacks Ben, forcing Future Fenton to step in and save The Orion Squad. To prevent Vlad and Technus from splitting Ben and Danny up, Ben transforms into The Void, and continues the battle.

Future Fenton lands The Squad on a nearby platform. It is revealed that Technus has transformed into an Omni-Chimera, one of a future army of monsters that guard each dimension that Divinity will conquer in the future. A cure was developed and brought back in time by Future Fenton, and uses a special Nanite to reset the Omnitricies holding Big Ben together. Lula offers to take this responsibility, so Future Fenton can continue to help Danny and Ben, and forms a smaller version of The Orion Knight, a suit of armor operated by Lula, Crawnch, and Chirp.

Ben and Danny are able to keep the battle going, and trick Vlad into slicing one of Technus’ arms off. Ben switches into Full Stop and collects some of The Void’s excess dark matter floating around them, and forms a giant dark matter prison for Vlad. Danny punches Vlad into the prison, and the two heroes reflect on the battle.

Vlad swallows the dark matter from inside the prison, evolving into his Awakening Stage II, and immediately forces Danny into another nearby dark matter orb. Danny, much less experienced than Vlad, summits to the chaotic effects, and enters his own subconscious. Memories distort as his anxieties about his responsibilities rise, and are ultimately consumed by his fears and trauma that Vlad inflicted on him in his early teens.

Ben is fighting both Vlad and Technus on his own before Future Fenton and The Squad come to the rescue. Ben warns Future Fenton that Danny is still trapped in a sphere of dark matter, so Future Fenton flies off to free him, while Ben and The Squad stay behind to team up and fight on equal terms.

Future Fenton phases into the dark matter sphere, but is blown back by Danny waking up from inside, now having absorbed the dark matter into himself, and transformed into Phantom Fury. He quickly flies off at incomprehensible speed directly towards Vlad, slamming him through a row of large temporal structures.

Vlad looks up, amazed at Danny’s new power, while Danny looks down at Vlad, fuming with rage.


Major Events

  • The Salazar Silencer, a cure developed in the future by Future Fenton’s team to disable Omni-Chimeras, is brought to light and integrated into The Orion Knight, a suit of armor operated by Lula, Crawnch, and GoTro.
  • Vlad evolves into his Awakening Stage II, and Danny evolves into his Phantom Fury Form.






By Ben

By Technus



  • Sam’s comment about “glowing green eyes” is another nod to the Danny Phantom theme song, a frequent joke in 5 Years Later.
  • Vlad mentions his ‘butter biscuits’ exclamation, and the time he tried to buy The Green Bay Packers. Danny’s ‘Fruit Loop’ exclamation is a nod to the show as well, and was also mentioned in Chapter 3 and Chapter 10.
  • The Salazar Silencer is a reference to Rex and Caesar Salazar from Generator Rex. Rex was confirmed to be a part of Future Fenton’s team in Chapter 9.
  • Maddie Fenton’s homebrew of champagne has her face on it, which was a running gag Jack would do in the series.
  • The dress Sam wears in the Graveyard Wedding is a white version of the dress she wore in Danny Phantom episode Parental Bonding.
  • Various Danny Phantom characters cameo in the Graveyard Wedding, such as: Pam Manson, Maddie Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Tucker Foley, Dani, Frostbite, Dash Baxter, Paulina Sanchez, Star, Kwan, Valerie Grey, Damon Grey, and The Dairy King.
  • All of the aliens growing out of Ben during Danny’s nightmare are ones that he actually has seen in 5 Years Later so far.
  • Every frame shown in glass during Danny’s shattered nightmare is an actual scene from Danny Phantom, redrawn by Kuro, including scenes from the first and last episode Danny and Vlad see each other.


  • NoxiMationOne, the music composer for the Motion Comic Adaptation, makes a cameo with Sam’s crew on the first page, loading supplies into Johnny’s truck.
  • The title ‘Future Fenton’ is finally mentioned in the series proper, although the name was revealed for marketing and on this wiki since Future Fenton debuted in Chapter 9. The same is for Technus and ‘Big Ben’, who debuted in Chapter 10.
  • Full Stop’s silhouette was teased in 2017, on the cover of Chapter 3. Before his reveal in this chapter, he was known to the fandom as ‘Flameboi’. Some fans hypothesized Full Stop would be a Naljian as far back as 2019.
  • As usual with the Temporal Zone, many objects are references to other media, including but not limited to: Henry DeTamble’s sweater from The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Death Weapon Meister Academy from Soul Eater, and The Goober from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse.
  • During Danny’s nightmare, Kuro, Ash, Hurshie, Fro, and Kellen all cameo in the Graveyard Wedding. Behind them are Danny Phantom Character Designer Stephen Silver, and writer, Steve Marmel.