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"You ready to go ghost again?"
Ben Tennyson

Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost is the second chapter of 5 Years Later.

Plot Summary

After spending five years finding his way back to Earth from his astro-isolation, Vlad revisits his old mansion, now in custody of the state, and his laboratory underneath. He spends time reflecting on his past when he is interrupted by Eon, who offers to return Vlad to his full health and strength in exchange for his services. Vlad is reluctant at first, but agrees when he realizes he has nothing else left to live for.

Back in Ben’s Dimension, Ben, Rook, and Danny attempt to figure out how to return Danny home while sharing smoothies. Danny begins to doubt himself as a hero, and Blukic and Driba begin creating their own ghost portal. Lula enters to warn Ben of a threat detected in Bellwood.

Danny and Ben then teleport to Max’s Plumbing, and come face-to-face with Vlad.


Major Events




  • Zak Saturday (5 Years Later Debut; Cameo)
  • Max Tennyson (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Psyphon (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Emperor Milleous (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Dimension 12 Droid (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Six Six (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Limax (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Gwendolyn Tennyson (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback; Mentioned)
  • Kevin Levin (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Vilgax (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)
  • Magister Labrid (5 Years Later Debut; Flashback)


By 10 Year Old Ben

By 16 Year Old Ben




  • Despite featuring the most amount of aliens so far, none of them were used by Present-Day Ben.
  • This chapter, along with Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods, are tied for shortest chapter, with 24 pages.
  • The panel showcasing the original ten aliens in Ben's Arsenal resembles an old popular wallpaper from the Classic Ben 10 series.
  • The Orion Squad look slightly different in this Chapter from their future appearances, such as Lula having only two freckles per cheek, Chirp being much larger than he really is, and GoTro's overall shape.