5 Years later Wiki

Hope, also known as the Charmcaster, is the ruler of Ledgerdomain, a realm believed to be the place from which all magic in the universe flows.


Hope has Caucasian skin with long white hair and purple highlights. She wears blue lipstick and blue makeup on her face and an elaborate purple and pink dress, along with brown boots. She wears a golden necklace and crown, with a red crystal in the center of the crown.


In her early life, she was lost, having no figure to look up to and learn from. As a result, she acted like a delinquent and was very insecure.

As Hope got older, she started to become more sociable and easy to talk to, as she began to develop a more relaxed and kind personality after realizing the faults of her past life. However, the power of the Alpha Rune, overtime, caused her to occasionally lose her mental sanity and she began to plunge back into the familiar mistakes and personality of her past.

Thanks to rehabilitation, her mental sanity has begun to improve.


  • Spells- Charmcaster is a highly adept magic user, being able to conjure a multitude of powerful spells.
  • Mana Manipulation- Charmcaster can create energy blasts, shields, and barriers out of Mana. She can also heal people with this ability


  • Alpha Rune- Charmcaster possesses the Alpha Rune, a powerful magical artifact that holds the true name of magic. Thus giving her the power over magic and the realm of Ledgerdomain itself.
  • Charmcaster's Bag- Charmcaster's bag allows her to draw a plethora of magical items, such as magical explosives and stone figures she can enlarge and animate.


  • Alpha Rune- The Alpha Rune can negatively effect her mental sanity.


Charmcaster, King of Ledgerdomain, has spent a lot of time in therapeutic visits from Gwendolyn. Their friendship has strengthened, and a partnership was made between the Kingdom of Ledgerdomain, and Friedkin University. Hex will oversee a subdivision of Friedkin's mystical studies, now located in Ledgerdomain, to help bring the ways of magic back to a peaceful order and rebuild their lost culture. Gwendolyn and Hex will work together to bridge the societal gap between Ledgerdomain and Earth. In return, Gwendolyn may have access to all of Ledgerdomains resources and protection, should she ever need it.