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Grum'ky, or Chirp, is a hero in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost.


Chirp has a humanoid body with insect-like qualities. He has grayish-blue hair, light blue eyes, and antennae on his forehand and cheeks. His body is covered with a pale-green exoskeleton. When not in his Plumber suit, he usually wears a casual shirt and jeans.


Chirp is mute. He exclusively communicates to Eve with his native language, which cannot be interpreted by Universal Translators. He is very shy and timid.


  • Enhanced Durability-Chirp possess a highly durable exoskeleton, allowing him to withstand attacks that most species cannot.
  • Plumber Training- Since Chirp is a Plumber, he has gone through a basic Plumber training regime, and thus has the skills of a plumber.


  • Language Barrier-Since Chirp is shy and only prefers to speak his native language, he can only communicate with Eve if he needs to say something.


Before 5 Years Later

His real name, Grum'ky, is impossible to pronounce by those not native to his species, as it involves making different timed and pitched chirping sounds by special vibrational chords. He goes by the name “Chirp” as he does not talk, and only makes small, reactionary chirping sounds.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 4), Chirp was in Ben's flashback with the rest of the Orion Squad.
  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 2–21), Chirp is with the rest of the Orion Squad in Lula's post while everyone else discusses whether or not they should be there. The life form alarm goes off, causing everyone to come to the teleport hub and preparing to fight. They are instead met by Danny and Ben, where they were informed that Vlad's attack on Bellwood could have been a diversion. Later, Chirp and his teammates arrive at the transport hangar, where Ben tells them that Cooper will be their acting leader in his absence.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 10-23), Chirp along the rest of the Orion Squad await new orders in the Plumber Base. After successfully defeating Skulker who attacked Cooper, they are caught by a surprise attack by Ember. Eve, Chirp, and Phil agree to stay behind as Cooper, Lula, Crawnch, and GoTro leave to help The Heroes.
  • In Chapter 10: Again (Page 3), Chirp is seen alongside Eve and Phil battling Skulker and Ember.



  • He is based off of Kuro the Artist.
  • Chirp's species comes from the same planet as Crashhopper.
  • His real name, Grum'ky, comes from the Russian word gromkiy, meaning “loud.”
    • Due to his muteness, this name was chosen in irony.
  • Gwendolyn attempted to teach Chirp magic along with Eve, but only Eve continued her studies, as Chirp prefers to take an interest in technology.