Chompvine is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vinea Captionem from the planet Mordaci Tropicae in 5 Years Later.


Chompvine is a large plant-like alien. There are several spiky vines coming out of his round head, along with yellow and orange leaves. He has a wide mouth with many sharp teeth.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the black and green helmet on his forehead.


  • Elasticity- Chompvine can stretch his body to fit through tight areas.
  • Matter Ingestion- Chompvine can eat almost anything and spit it back out.
  • Thorn Projectiles- Chompvine can shoot variously sized thorns with sleep or paralyzing effect.


  • Fire- Chompvine is vulnerable to heat and fire.
  • Dehydration- Chompvine cannot survive long without water.
  • Food Poisoning- Certain plants can cause Chompvine to fall sick after eating.


Vinea Captionem are born in pots and grow legs after about twelve months. They live in villages ruled by chiefs. Their main occupation is hunting. Vinea Captionem are the dominant species on Mordaci Tropicae.






  • Chompvine's original name was Deathtrap.

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