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Christopher Daniel Thomas Crockett-Sears is a Voice Actor and Kuro's friend.


Chris is a Caucasian human male with short brown hair. He is shown wearing a dapper brown outfit.


Chris has a passionate love for performing, primarily through theater and voice work. He is excellent at Improv, and has participated in Musicals, Chamber Choir, and Show Choir using his Tener singing voice. He also enjoys video games, anime, and can also dance.


Chris was born in Spencer, Massachusetts on August 9th, 1996.

His first voiceover role was a radio commercial at the age of 10.

He is an old friend of Kuro who was approached to voice Commander Crow Shay Searez in the seventh episode of And Beyond.

You can currently view his website here.


Chris and Kuro have known each other since middle school, and went to school together until Kuro's third year in high school, but they still kept in touch since. They share mutual interests in social events, musical theater, and improv comedy. They were officially inducted as Thespians together during their Sophomore year.

Voice Acting Roles

Ink Tank Productions