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"I come from a race called the Chronians.
We understood the laws of physics so well, that we learned to break them; Shaping time and space as we pleased.
We were titans. Divine. On par with the gods."

A Chronian is a humanoid being that can alter reality to its needs. They used to live on planet Concordia in an Unknown Universe before it was destroyed.


Chronians are externally indistinguishable from Humans, aside from their wide variety of skin tones. They commonly have dark patches around their eyes and worn-out skin from the effects of altering reality as mortals. Chronians are more durable than humans, surviving several bouts of trauma that would kill a normal human, with the only apparent effect being pain and a degree of injury.


  • Spatial Abstract- Chronians can manipulate reality on a fourth-dimensional level, breaking their typical third-dimensional physics.
  • Time Manipulation- Chronians can use their chi to control the temporal dimension. Allowing Chronians to travel though time, alter another's age, or even stop the flow of time.
  • Power Offering- A Chronian can transfer a fraction of their Chi to another to give them a significant power boost.
  • Teleportation- A Chronian can travel from one point in reality to another, almost instantaneously.
  • Mental Augmentation- Chronians can enter the Mind Space of their target. This is presented as an artificial plane in their subconsciousness, where the caster can then project images for the target to see. They could even manipulate their target's dreams if the target is asleep.
  • Spirit Augmentation- Chronians can transfer their consciousness (their soul) into another body. If the target body already has a consciousness, it will become repressed and dormant, leaving the target unaware of their body's actions from that point forward until they are released, or perish.


  • Body Deterioration- The Chronian body slowly deteriorates with every large use of their abilities, and eventually they turn to ash.


Before 5 Years Later

Chronians are a powerful race from an unknown universe. Chronians understood the laws of physics so well, that they learned to break them. This allowed them to pull off incredibly powerful feats, such as shaping space and time.

However, all this power and the strain it put on them caused their society to erupt into chaos and war, as well as threaten their entire universe. Through their studies, they discovered The Hands of Armageddon. They believed that the Hands of Armageddon could be the key to their survival, allowing them to move to a new universe to escape their universes inevitable collapse.

With their powers and numbers being so small, none of them could survive another large use of their powers. The Chronians all decided to grant a fraction of their power to a young and capable Chronian named Eon, who they chose to be the one to save their entire race.

Notable Chronians

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